Innocent Woman Freed After 17 Years in Prison

The freeing of innocent people charged with crimes and imprisoned for lengthy sentences is becoming almost commonplace. Is this a failure of the criminal justice system? Yes.

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It is important to have the best criminal defense attorney possible when you are under investigation or suspected of illegal activity because innocent people are so frequently charged and wrongfully convicted. The attorneys at LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C. have the experience, tenacity, and respect to protect you and employ every available defense on your behalf. Your future is too important to take chances trusting an attorney because he or she is the lowest bidder. The legal system is not perfect, and your best hope of obtaining the best possible result is with a top, seasoned defense lawyer.

Susan Marie Mellen, 59, was convicted of orchestrating the beating death of a homeless man in the home where she and others lived. The judges sentenced the mother three to life in prison without the possibility of parole.  However, on October 10, 2014, a Los Angeles County judge overturned her conviction, saying that her attorney failed to represent her properly and that a woman who claimed she heard Mellen confess was a habitual liar.

The appellate court overturned Mellen’s conviction with the help of “Innocence Matters,” a group that seeks to free people wrongfully convicted of crimes. “Innocent Matters” was able to bring to the court’s attention that three gang members were linked to the crime, and one was convicted of the killing. Another took a polygraph and said he was present at the murder, but Mellen was not.

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Over-Charging is More Common Than you May Think

In many cases, defendants are not entirely without guilt but maybe overcharged or charged with a greater offense than is justified by the evidence in the case.  Over-charging is often the fault of over-zealous police offices or prosecutors who are bargaining that the defendant will be without the resources to mount a legitimate defense with a quality criminal defense attorney.  Whether a defendant or person suspected of committing a felony or misdemeanor is innocent or over-charged, he deserves the best criminal defense lawyer available to help.

Review of Evidence and Case Files to Find Post-Appeal Relief

When a case has been through the appellate courts, and the conviction is affirmed, there is only one option to get the charges dismissed. A Motion for Relief from Judgment, otherwise known as a 6.500 Motion, can be filed under certain circumstances. If you hire LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C., we will take the time to review all of the available information and determine what options may be available. We cannot guarantee or promise we will find a way to reverse any conviction; however, we know where to look, and if there is a way, we will find it.

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