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When you need an aggressive lawyer in Michigan who faithfully fights to protect and defend you, you will want to call and talk with one of our lawyers. We will find a way to help you with any state or federal criminal charge. We do not play games, sell out our clients, or take their cases lightly. We know the stakes are high and defend our clients accordingly.

Being accused of a criminal offense in Oakland, Macomb, Wayne, Livingston, or Washtenaw County, anywhere in Michigan, is stressful and consequential. It is essential that you retain the best, most qualified lawyer. The defense lawyers at LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C. have decades of experience successfully defending thousands of clients on felony and misdemeanor charges. We are not afraid to do what it takes to work the law in your favor when you face any felony or misdemeanor charge, including:

Your Best Defense Starts Here!

Suppose you have a felony or misdemeanor charge in state or federal court and are looking for an aggressive defense lawyer in Michigan. In that case, we have the experience and skill to give you the best possible defense in court.

Finding a defense lawyer in Michigan isn’t difficult, but finding one who has the experience and track record of success you need behind you is a different story. The dedicated and knowledgeable attorneys at LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C. will work first to get the charges dropped but, at the very least, to reduce them and keep you out of jail. Our passionate and tenacious defense lawyers conduct a comprehensive pre-trial investigation, including interviewing everyone involved, such as police officers, civilian witnesses, and experts, when appropriate. We also contact experts on your behalf who can provide professional assistance and help strengthen your defense. We know the best investigators in the area for your case. Our investigators have vast law enforcement experience as police officers and FBI agents. If you are looking for an aggressive lawyer in Michigan who will faithfully fight to protect you, you are in the right place.


Why is having an aggressive defense attorney an advantage to the defendant?

Having an aggressive defense attorney is a significant advantage for a defendant. Such an attorney can proactively safeguard the defendant’s rights and challenge every aspect of the prosecution’s case. They meticulously scrutinize evidence, question witnesses’ credibility, and identify procedural errors or rights violations. An aggressive approach puts the prosecution on the defensive, leading to reduced charges, more favorable plea deals, or even a dismissal of the case. Moreover, the courtroom is an adversarial environment, and having a vigorous advocate sends a clear message that every facet of the case will be contested. This tenacity can be particularly valuable in complex or high-stakes cases where the margin for error is minimal, and the consequences of a conviction are severe. In essence, an aggressive defense attorney ensures that the defendant’s side of the story is robustly represented, and no stone is left unturned in seeking a favorable outcome.

Our Aggressive Michigan Criminal Defense Lawyers are the Best Fit for Your Case

A top, aggressive criminal defense lawyer possesses a unique set of qualities that sets them apart from other lawyers. These qualities are essential in helping their clients avoid convictions and harsh sentences. One of the most important qualities of an aggressive criminal defense lawyer is their ability to think independently. They must be quick-witted and able to come up with creative solutions to complex legal problems. This ability is critical in criminal cases where the stakes are high, and the consequences can be severe.

Another crucial quality of an aggressive criminal defense lawyer is their willingness to take risks. They must be willing to challenge the prosecution’s evidence and push the boundaries of the law to defend their clients effectively. They must also be willing to put in the long hours of hard work required to prepare a strong defense.

Effective communication skills are integral to a top, aggressive criminal defense lawyer. They must clearly and persuasively articulate their client’s case to the judge and jury. They must also be able to negotiate effectively with the prosecution to secure the best possible outcome for their client. A savvy defense lawyer can often negotiate for reduced or dismissed charges to keep their client out of jail.

Finally, a top, aggressive criminal defense lawyer must have a deep understanding of the criminal justice system. They must know how the system works, how cases are built and prosecuted, and what strategies are most effective in defending against criminal charges.

The best, aggressive criminal defense lawyers, like those with LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C., possess unique qualities essential in helping their clients avoid convictions and harsh sentences. They are quick-witted, willing to take risks, effective communicators, and have an in-depth understanding of the law and the criminal justice system. With these qualities, our attorneys mount a strong defense, challenge the prosecution’s evidence, and secure the best possible outcome for the law firm’s clients.

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A Unique, Aggressive Team Approach With Extraordinary Results in Michigan

When you retain a solo practitioner, you get a single lawyer who will work on your case and be responsible for your defense. Criminal defense lawyers frequently have court conflicts, and with most of these attorneys, you may find yourself in court with someone who doesn’t know you or your case. Appearing in court with an attorney who is not familiar with your situation is distressing, and it can damage your defense. Arriving in court with substitute counsel also sends a message to the prosecutor and judge that your lawyer doesn’t consider you or your case a priority. You will never have substitute counsel if you hire LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C.

Every LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C. defense team member will be familiar with your case and know about you and your unique situation. When you walk into the courtroom with one of us, everyone there will know you have all of us behind you and that we have your back. You will also benefit from multiple aggressive Michigan lawyers collaborating on your case. With an alliance of aggressive Michigan lawyers collaborating in the defense of every client, we ensure that we do not miss any issues and no defense goes unexplored. We take the time to role-play contested hearings, including trials and evidentiary hearings, to develop the most persuasive arguments and effective strategies.

We Fight to Protect and Defend Our Clients – No Matter What

Our defense team successfully represents and defends clients against all criminal charges in state and federal courts throughout Michigan. No matter the charge, we will do whatever it takes to win. No charge is too small or large, simple or complex. The benefit of hiring a team of lawyers is that you are assured of receiving the attention and representation you deserve. Some of the most common charges facing our clients are as follows:


  1. White-Collar Crimes
  2. Assault with Intent to Do Great Bodily Harm
  3. Criminal Sexual Conduct (CSC)
  4. Armed Robbery and Larceny
  5. Home Invasion and Breaking and Entering
  6. Drug Possession, Distribution, Manufacture, and Trafficking
  7. Child Abuse and Child Pornography (CSAM)
  8. Embezzlement and Fraud
  9. Felony Firearm Possession
  10. Felony DUI or OWI
  11. Automobile Theft (Carjacking and UDAA)
  12. Firearms Offenses (CCW, FA, Felony Firearm, etc.)


  1. Simple Assault and Assault and Battery
  2. Retail Fraud (Shoplifting)
  3. Domestic Violence
  4. Operating While Intoxicated (First Offense)
  5. Disorderly Conduct
  6. Driving While License Suspended or Revoked
  7. Breaking and Entering Without Intent to Steal
  8. Disturbing the Peace
  9. Malicious Destruction of Property (MDOP)
  10. Firearm Offenses (Brandishing, Reckless Discharge, etc.)
  11. Drug Possession or Use
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When you are accused of a crime, it’s no time to go bargain hunting. You want the top criminal defense attorney Michigan has to offer, someone who will do the best job possible to get you acquitted or at least have the charges dropped to a less severe offense. At LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C., we understand that the stakes are high, and there is no room for errors and false promises. A criminal conviction can significantly impact a person’s life, and we will stop at nothing to turn the tables on the prosecution and gain you every possible advantage. Call us, and we will discuss your case, answer all your questions, address your concerns, and work with you to develop a winning strategy. Our aggressive and experienced defense lawyers will find a way to help you in Michigan.

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