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Operating a Boat while Under the Influence

As the weather in Michigan begins to get warmer, more and more boaters will be heading to the lakes to enjoy the beautiful summer weather.   Michigan’s many lakes and waterways are popular travel spots for avid boaters and their families.  There is nothing more relaxing and enjoyable then a day on the lake.  Before you head out on the water, you should be aware of the laws regarding boating and alcohol.  

BAC Limit for Boating is .08%

Michigan law prohibits anyone from boating while under the influence of alcohol.  It is also unlawful for the owner of a vessel to allow anyone else to operate their vessel if that person is under the influence of alcohol.  The legal blood alcohol content (BAC) for operating a motor vehicle in the State of Michigan is .08%.  The BAC for operating a boat is .10%.  If you are convicted of boating under the influence, the penalties are a misdemeanor conviction along with various fines and costs.  A charge within 10 years of two prior OWI or DUI cases, you may be charged with a felony.  Causing a death while operating a vessel while under the influence of alcohol could possibly result in a homicide charge.  Under any of these circumstances, you will want to seek a Michigan DUI Lawyer.

Experienced OWI Defense Attorneys


If you or a loved one is facing a charge of boating while intoxicated, you should seek an experienced Michigan DUI Lawyer.  The attorneys you choose to represent you in court, defend your rights, and relentlessly pursue your case could be the difference between jail time and getting on with your life.  Contact the attorneys at LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C. at (248) 263-6800 for a free consultation or fill out a Request for Information Form.  


Don’t let your summer fun & love of boating be spoiled by making a poor choice.