Handwriting Samples

There is no need for a handwriting expert to testify about handwriting samples.


If a witness can testify that he or she can identify a person’s handwriting to a reasonable standard of reliability, it is admissible as evidence even without an expert.

US6thCOA-In United States v Harris, 786 F3d 443 (6th Cir. May 13, 2015), the court issued an opinion on an issue it never decided before.  The issue was is a lay person’s opinion about the defendant’s handwriting admissible under the Federal Rules of Evidence.  Mr. Harris was convicted of mailing a threatening letter to Congressperson Candice Miller.  At his trial an FBI agent who investigated the crime, a former neighbor that had received letters from Mr. Harris and a postal worker who had delivered letters sent by Mr. Harris all testified that they recognized Harris’ handwriting. The court indicated that none of those people were handwriting experts, but because they demonstrated sufficient familiarity with Mr. Harris’ handwriting and had not gotten the familiarity for litigation reasons the testimony would be allowed.

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