Huge Settlement Achieved for Client Wrongfully Charged

On Feb. 24, 2011, Loren Dickstein with Lewis & Dickstien, P.L.L.C. achieved a substantial financial settlement on behalf of his client who was wrongfully charged and prosecuted for multiple counts of First Degree Murder, Arson, Home Invasion, Felony Firearm, and a host of other charges. Criminal Defense Attorney Loren Dickstein was privately retained to represent his client who was charged in Wayne County. He was later retained to handle the civil claim. The lawsuit was based upon a variety of claims including false arrest and false imprisonment.    After 10 months of an epic battle with the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office and a multi-jurisdictional major crimes taskforce (AKA Downriver Major Crimes Taskforce), all charges against the client were outright dismissed.   Instead of taking full responsibility for the multitude of errors in the investigation, police maintained a position that the client and his co-defendants were still somehow involved in the crimes even though another individual had been caught, charged, convicted and confessed. Despite this claim and their denial of culpability, the law enforcement agencies ultimately agreed to pay Dickstein’s client, and the other claimants, a substantial settlement to resolve the civil suit.