If I have missed my court date, what should I do? 

When a defendant misses court, the judge will typically issue a warrant for that person’s arrest. With a knowledgeable, experienced attorney, you can probably avoid arrest and jail time.

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Missing a Court Date Happens. It Should Not Cost You Your Freedom.

It is not uncommon for people to miss their court dates. Errors in schedule can occur due to court error, lapses in memory, or miscommunication. There are other circumstances when a defendant is just afraid to come to court for one reason or another and has a lapse. In most cases, so long as the situation is handled just right, all is not lost. Each court and each judge is different but a lawyer who is experienced with a particular jurisdiction will know how to help. Defendants missing court dates is not an uncommon occurrence and lawyers deal with that situation all the time. If you missed your court date, it is likely that a warrant was issued for your arrest.

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Finding a Good Lawyer Sooner than Later will Help!

The good news is that it generally takes about 48 hours for the warrant to get into the Law Enforcement Information Network (LEIN). If you get back into court quickly, most judges do not have any problem reinstating a forfeited bond and setting aside a warrant. A good lawyer will know how to best word a reason for the missed court date so as to minimize the chances of having a problem. If longer than a few days have passed, the situation is more complicated but all hope is not lost. Every lawyer has his or her own way of handling this difficult situation.

Many lawyers find one technique that has been successful, they stick with that as it is comfortable and familiar. The better approach, as used by most of Michigan’s top criminal defense lawyers, is to develop a customized plan that is based on the particular judge, court, offense, prosecutor, and the defendant’s circumstances. When factoring in all these complex issues and using the highly developed skills a great criminal defense attorney develops through years of experience, there is almost always a way to get the client out of a tight situation.

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The most important thing to do is not to panic! Talk to your attorney as soon as possible and ask about what can be done. If your lawyer is good, he or she will immediately know how to handle the situation and will do whatever needs to be done. If you talk to your attorney and he or she seems unsure about how to handle the missed court date, it may be time to find a new lawyer.

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