How Serious is My Shoplifting Charge?

You’ve been caught shoplifting…

Judges and prosecutors will show little mercy and will proceed in prosecuting your case to the fullest extent. One place you won’t find judgment is with the defense attorneys at LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C., a Michigan-based law firm that has successfully represented countless clients facing shoplifting and retail fraud charges. The attorneys have worked with many clients who struggle with what is in some cases a full-blown shoplifting addiction and others who made a mistake as a result of extreme stress or anxiety. With empathy and understanding, we fight as hard as possible on behalf of our clients to have charges dropped and help clients avoid excessive fines, potential jail time, damaged reputations and loss of employment or professional licensure.

How serious is my shoplifting charge

A shoplifting charge should be taken seriously, as consequences can linger years after the arrest is made. Most people arrested for retail fraud are not criminals who belong behind bars but are individuals who are seeking a way to cope with difficult emotions. Difficulties with family, work or life in general is what drives some individuals to other vices like gambling or drugs. Some individuals turn to shop lifting to deal with stress and some simply like the high of getting away with it. Either way, LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C. can help the client avoid the consequences of a conviction in many cases and help the client to avoid similar problems in the future.

How serious is my shoplifting charge?

There are many factors that impact your individual case. The county or city where the offense is charged can make a difference. The value of the stolen property impacts the severity of the situation as well. Shoplifting property that has a value of less than $200 has different ramifications than allegedly taking property valued at more than $200 (second degree retail fraud) or more than $1000 (a felony). In cases of shoplifting, there tends to be a lot of grey area, which is why hiring a superior, experienced legal team that has represented folks who have stood in your place to defend you is imperative.

Is this the first time you stand charged of a nonviolent crime?

If this is the first time you stand charged of a nonviolent crime, you may qualify for a diversion program, which can help you avoid jail time and a black stain on your criminal record. If a diversion is not possible for you, an experience lawyer will know how to negotiate a plea bargain that will help lessen the severity of your sentence or keep the conviction from appearing on your public record. If you are innocent, we can fight for a dismissal or an acquittal at trial.

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