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Retail Fraud in Troy – 52-4 District Court

If you have been charged with shoplifting, otherwise known as Retail Fraud, in the 52-4 District Court in Troy, you are facing the possibility of jail, probation, community service, drug/alcohol testing, therapy, and much more. A misdemeanor or felony conviction for Retail Fraud can result in loss of employment, damage to reputation, difficulties with child custody, loss of public benefits, inability to qualify for loans, and non-U.S. citizens, deportation, or inability to re-enter the United States. An experienced shoplifting attorney in Troy can help you avoid jail and, in many cases, a conviction.

When you need someone to honestly fight to protect you and give you the best chance of avoiding jail and a conviction, you need Troy’s elite criminal defense law firm.

Guilty or Innocent of Shoplifting in Troy – We Can Help You

Whether a particular client actually committed retail fraud in Troy or if they are wrongfully charged, we can help. After handling countless retail fraud and shoplifting felony and misdemeanor charges in the Troy District Court, we have achieved an unparalleled track record of success. For those clients who made a poor decision or accidentally committed retail fraud, we have consistently been able to reach settlements in cases to avoid jail and keep convictions off our client’s records. In cases where a client is wrongfully charged, we have a team of defense lawyers and support staff who will work tirelessly and tenaciously to prove our client’s innocence. Every shoplifting attorney in Troy that is a member of The Defense Team will do whatever has to be done to help our clients. We are not afraid to win!

Retail Fraud and Shoplifting Defense

Frequently Asked Questions About Retail Fraud in Troy, Michigan

Is retail fraud a felony in Troy?

The prosecutor in Troy will probably bring felony charges if the merchandise’s value exceeds $1,000.00 or the offender has prior retail fraud convictions.

What is retail fraud in Michigan?

Retail fraud means stealing, hiding, or mislabeling merchandise offered for sale in a store in Troy, Michigan.

How long does retail fraud stay on your record in Michigan?

Unless a lawyer negotiates a plea bargain with an automatic dismissal of charges, a retail fraud conviction is permanent and never falls off someone’s record. The only way to remove a retail fraud conviction is with a Motion to Set Aside Conviction, otherwise known as expungement.

What happens if you get caught shoplifting in Troy, Michigan?

If you are caught shoplifting in Troy, Michigan, you will be given a misdemeanor retail fraud ticket or arrested. Because of the powerful retail lobby in Troy, the police department and court take these cases seriously and often impose harsh punishments. The Troy, Michigan Defense Team with LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C. have successfully represented hundreds of clients in the 52-4 District Court. They can help you avoid jail and probably keep a conviction off your record.

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Shoplifting Defense Attorney in Troy

When your future, reputation, livelihood, and family are on the line, you need a defense lawyer in the 52-4 District Court who will do what it takes to help you in a genuine, non-judgmental, and compassionate way. The last thing you need is a shoplifting attorney in Troy who makes empty promises or does not have the reputation and track record of success to back up claims of effective representation. The Troy retail fraud defense team with LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C. stand ready, willing, and able to fight for you and win!

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