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Suspected of Retail Fraud or Shoplifting? What Role Does a Loss Prevention Officer Play? Can a security officer make a retail fraud arrest?

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A Loss Prevention Officer (LPO) or Store Security Officer is Not a Police Officers; however, they can make a retail fraud arrest.

In order to prevent retail fraud or shoplifting, most stores have security personnel working for them. These people are often called Loss Prevention Officers or Store Security Officers. They are expected at the “big box” stores like Target, Walmart, and Meijer. These LPO’s are not police and are not bound by the same constitutional requirements as a police officer. Under certain circumstances, a security officer can make an arrest for retail fraud.

An LPO or security officer who makes a retail fraud arrest is not required to provide Miranda warnings, and anything said to them is admissible as evidence in court. Also, an LPO will likely be given more freedom to testify about the incident than a police officer.

A Security Officer can only detain a person for a reasonable time.

Michigan law only allows a Loss Prevention Officer to detain someone suspected of theft or failure to pay for a “reasonable” time. They cannot force you to speak to them or sign any documents. LPO’s will contact the local police department, and the police will take it from there. Security officers who make a retail fraud arrest will call their detainment of the suspect a “detention.” For all intent and purposes, it is really an arrest.

LPO’s authority only extends to the store and the immediate vicinity (parking lot). They cannot use deadly force.

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