USSC Decides Case of Threatening Internet Postings

A Criminal Conviction for Violent and/or Threatening Internet Postings Requires Proof of Poster’s Mental State


Social_Media_Defense_AttorneyA prior Blog was written regarding the case of Elonis v United States  that involved the issue of a criminal conviction for violent and/or threatening internet postings. Federal law makes it a crime to transmit “any communication containing. . .any treat to injure the person of another.”  There is nothing in the law that requires a person needs to be aware that he is threatening someone.

Mr. Elonis was extremely upset because his wife left him and took their children.  As a result he began posting rap-lyric like violent and/or threatening things online.  Mr. Elonis’ wife felt threatened.  Mr. Elonis was charged and convicted.  He was sentenced to 44 months in prison.

Last week, the United States Supreme Court reversed Mr. Elonis’ conviction and sent the case back to the lower courts for further action. The Supreme Court announced a stricter standard whereby, “federal criminal liability does not turn solely on the results of an act without considering the defendant’s mental state.” The case was sent back to the lower courts to determine if Mr. Elonis’ state of mind met the tougher standard decided by the United States Supreme Court.

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