Recording interrogations in major felony investigations in Michigan.

The law requires police to video and audio record interrogations in major felony investigations.

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Video and Audio Recording of Interrogations is the Law

A new law in Michigan has passed, and police must make video and audio recordings of interrogations during major felony offense investigations. The law applies if the police interrogate a suspect while in custodial detention. Custodial detention requires the individual to be in a police station, correctional facility, prisoner holding facility, or another governmental facility.

  • Interrogation” means questioning in a criminal investigation that may elicit a self-incriminating response from an individual. Interrogation includes a law enforcement official’s words or actions that they should know are reasonably likely to produce a self-incriminating reaction.
  • Custodial detention” means an individual’s in “detention” because a law enforcement official has told the individual that they are under arrest or because the individual, under the totality of the circumstances, reasonably could believe that they are under a law enforcement official’s control and is not free to leave.
  • “Place of detention” means a police station, correctional facility, prisoner holding facility, or another governmental facility where law enforcement might detain someone in connection with a criminal charge against them.
  • “Major felony” means a felony punishable by life, any term up to life, a statutory maximum of 20 years or more, or a violation of third-degree criminal sexual conduct.
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Statements Made During an Illegal Custodial Interrogation Must Be Suppressed

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