A New Crime Fighting Tool — Computer Sniffing Dogs

Man’s Best Friend can also become someone’s worst enemy – Why you need a 4th Amendment Attorney in Michigan

How Police Dogs are Trained how police dogs are trained

A rescued Black Labrador Retriever named “Bear” was instrumental in the arrest of Subway spokesman Jared Fogle. Bear is one of only three electronic detection police canines in the country. Police train these dogs to sniff out thumb drives, iPads, laptops, iPhones, and any other electronic devices. They can find electronic devices the size of a fingernail. The dogs are trained to detect a chemical odor emitting from electronic devices, even after they’ve been turned off and powered down. Also, there will still be the smell of the human that hid the item. These dogs are used in all sorts of computer-related crimes, child pornography, in particular. It is pretty amazing what these dogs can do.  Police departments all over the nation are taking notice.  Criminal defense attorneys need to be aware of this new type of police dog and what to do if they run across such a dog in a case they are defending.  It is the job of a highly experienced 4th Amendment Attorney in Michigan to challenge the constitutionality of these searches when police use these animals a pretext for warrantless searches and seizures.

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Police are always coming up with bigger and better ways to fight crime. The problem lies in the real-world use of new methods. The use of police canines to find electronics is scary to the point of futuristic or like something from a Star Trek episode. Technology is essential to our daily lives. However, it is more critical than technology not be used to infringe on our constitutional right to privacy. The police use of dogs to find technology brings up a myriad of issues and potential abuses. The tendency of police to violate a suspect’s civil rights is why a defendant needs the best Michigan criminal defense lawyers available to protect you. The attorneys at LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C. have spent their entire legal careers fighting to protect citizens from abuses of law enforcement and to make sure that constitutional rights are protected. We also have access to several experts that can assist in formulating a defense against the usage of police dogs and the dog’s training. Dogs are great; they help sniff for bombs and even cancer, which can save numerous lives.  Just as they are great for some things, there are potential abuses.  You need to have a 4th Amendment Attorney in Michigan that understands that just because the police dog is an excellent tool for police – it does not mean that dog is being used properly or even properly trained.

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