The Media Got it All Wrong With One of Michigan’s Best Judges

Talk about blowing it! WXYZ’s story on Judge Rae Lee Chabot was a hatchet job on one of Michigan’s finest judges. Undoubtedly, a senior level Oakland County Prosecutor had a vendetta and took revenge by manipulating the news.

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Judge Rae Lee Chabot in Oakland County Circuit Court

Recently, WXYZ did a story on Judge Rae Lee Chabot of the Oakland County Circuit Court. In my opinion, this story was the worst kind of example of the media being manipulated by a powerful and disgruntled Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office. Judge Rae Lee Chabot is one of the most well respected, brave, and knowledgeable judges in the State of Michigan. General practice and criminal lawyers almost universally hold Judge Chabot in the highest possible esteem. She is known for being prepared, thorough, and impartial. The WXYZ story was biased, distorted, and misleading. It is my hope that Judge Chabot will not let this tragically disingenuous story unnecessarily impact her in any significant way. I also hope that the public at large can see the story as a hatchet job and not a legitimate news story.

Judge Chabot was appointed to the Oakland County Circuit Court in December 2000. She has extensive civil litigation experience spanning approximately 23 years. She was a State of Michigan Civil Service Commissioner from 1993-2000. Judge Chabot was appointed to the State Board of Law Examiners in 2001 and the Oakland County Bar Association Board of Directors and Executive Board from 1993 through 2004. She was a State Bar of Attorney Discipline Board panelist in 2000 and 2001 and served on the State Bar of Michigan’s Judicial Qualifications Committee from 1995-1998. She is or was a member of the American Bar Association, Federal Bar Association, D. Augustus Straker Bar Association, Oakland County Bar Association, and the State of Michigan Bar Association.

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