Simple retail fraud, otherwise known as shoplifting, can lead to other types of crimes that were unintended, such as unarmed robbery.

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Retail Fraud is a Serious Crime with Serious Direct and Indirect Consequences.

On Thursday, July 7, 2011, The Oakland Press reported that two Pontiac women were arrested on several charges recently after a botched attempt to steal a television from a Bloomfield Township Kmart. The women are charged after hitting a pedestrian with their vehicle when attempting to flee from the Kmart after their theft of the television was foiled by loss prevention. Susan Bell, 44, is charged with leaving the scene of an injury accident, driving with a suspended license, possession of marijuana, and open intoxicants in a motor vehicle. Her bond was set at $10,000. Brenda Benton, 48, is charged with felony retail fraud and had a bond set at $50,000. Benton was attempting to steal the TV and was confronted by loss prevention. She left the TV in a shopping cart and tried to flee the scene. She got into a Pontiac Grand Am that was driven by Bell. Bell backed the vehicle up while the passenger door was still open, and the door struck a pedestrian. The pedestrian was reportedly treated at a local hospital for a broken wrist, bruising, and abrasion. Officers found the suspects’ vehicles shortly after the incident and made the arrests. In many retail fraud cases, defendants wonder about the consequences of accidental shoplifting. This did not appear to be that type of case.

The Best Hope of Avoiding Accidental Shoplifting Consequences is with Retained Counsel

From the article, it does not appear that Bell or Benton is in a position to hire a paid attorney (retained lawyer) to help them. They better hope that they get lucky and get appointed the best, most experienced attorney in the Oakland County Circuit Court. The brazen attempt to steal the television combined with the fleeing the scene of the injury accident regularly results in a jail or prison sentence in Oakland County. The women’s preliminary examination on the felony charges will be held in the 48th Judicial District Court in Bloomfield Hills. If a judge determines that shoplifting is accidental, the case gets dismissed, and there are no consequences.

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