Constitutional Right to Confront Witnesses

There is a Constitutional Right to Confront Witnesses Against You in Criminal Cases

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Court’s Are Chipping Away at Our Constitutional Rights

In the case of Ohio v Clark, decided in June 2015, the United States Supreme Court decided that the hearsay testimony of a 3-year-old identifying Clark as the person who caused his injuries was admissible in Mr. Clark’s trial.  The state court’s decision that the hearsay testimony violated Clark’s constitutional right to confront witnesses against him.  The United States Supreme Court reversed the state court deciding that statements made to non-law enforcement people, such as teachers, did not carry the same concerns under the Confrontation Clause analysis and were generally not likely to be considered testimonial due to the informality of the situation.  The Court also stated that the primary purpose of the questioning by the teacher was not testimonial, but to deal with a potential emergency and the protect the child.

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The constitution contains the framework for the laws and operation of the United States. The United States Supreme Court is tasked with the interpretation of the constitution as it relates to a particular set of circumstances. In a criminal case, the right to confront a witness against you is paramount.  A person must be able to question that person and test their credibility through testimony and cross-examination. It is tempting to think that it is unfair to put a 3-year-old through that process. However, courts have come up with ways to make that process less stressful for a child, while still protecting constitutional rights.  The decision in Ohio v Clark is a bad one.

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