Michigan Criminal Defense Lawyers


When it comes to the long list of criminal offenses you can be charged with in Michigan, you need access to professional Michigan criminal defense lawyers who knows Michigan law. With over 40 years of combined experience, the attorneys at Lewis and Dickstein know how to win, and have a vast experience with the Michigan legal system. We are the Criminal Defense Attorneys to call first if you’re ever charged with larceny, possession of a controlled substance, vehicular homicide or any other numerous criminal offenses listed on the Michigan law books.

Top Rated Michigan Defense Attorneys

Choosing The Best Michigan Criminal Defense Lawyers For Your Case

Laws are similar state to state, but they do have unique aspects. Our Michigan criminal defense lawyers are the best defense against a charge made in Michigan. Even if you are from out of state and have a lawyer back home, Michigan criminal defense lawyers are the ones you’ll want on your side if you’re charged within the state of Michigan. Rated as one of the top criminal offense attorneys in the state, Lewis and Dickstein should be the ones you call when you need a lawyer in Michigan.

Michigan Criminal Defense Attorneys

We know that a criminal conviction can impact your life in more ways than one, and we’ll work tirelessly and fearlessly to get your charges dropped or reduced. In addition to the stigma of serving time in jail you could encounter child custody problems, lose your driver’s license, or possibly your livelihood. Don’t leave the rest of your life up to chance by hiring the lowest priced Michigan criminal defense lawyers you can find. Retain the attorneys who will aggressively represent you to ensure minimal after-effects. You can always feel confident that Lewis and Dickstein have your best interest at heart because we aren’t afraid to win.

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