Michigan Driver License Appeals for Out-of-State Residents

Your driving privileges can be restored if you have a suspended driver’s license and live in another state. You must properly request an administrative review and present a compelling restoration argument.

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It is possible to win an out-of-state driver’s license restoration.

If you have had your license revoked or denied and are no longer a Michigan resident, there are two options for attempting to get your license restored. You may request an administrative review by the Secretary of State done only on written documentation. Alternatively, you may return to Michigan and have a Driver’s License Appeal hearing. Michigan driver’s license appeals for out-of-state residents are complex, and most are denied. That being said, there is no reason to lose and every reason to win! If your case is done right, there is thorough preparation, and a very persuasive presentation, the odds of winning increase dramatically.

For a Michigan Driver’s License Appeal for Out of State Residents, you must submit the following:

  • a recent and credible substance abuse evaluation,
  • a persuasively drafted out-of-state affidavit, and
  • compelling notarized letters attesting to your sobriety.

If the initial submission is incomplete, the petitioner will be notified and given 30 days to submit the requested information. The case will be closed if the documentation if the petitioner doesn’t provide the requested information within that time. The standard of proof for an out-of-state petition is high. Most people without attorneys specializing in driver’s license restoration cases are unsuccessful. When an attorney with extensive experience and a track record of success handles a restoration petition, the odds of a favorable resolution are excellent.

When the case file is complete, the petitioner must pay a reinstatement fee if the review results in the granting of clearance. They can apply for a license in their home state after they’ve paid the fee. If the review results in a denial, the person can appeal to the Driver’s Appeal and Assessment Division (DAAD), formerly known as the Driver License Appeal Division (DLAD), for a hearing held in Michigan.

Having an attorney that routinely wins license appeals for out-of-state residents is your best chance for success!

It is essential to get back on the road legally. Being unable to drive legally can affect your work and family. If a police officer stops you without a valid driver’s license – not only is that a criminal offense, it will be much harder to get a valid license.

There are many rules, regulations, and finer points that an experienced license appeal attorney will know that a general practice lawyer or an individual might not. To increase your chances of success the first time – it is best to have the help of an attorney who knows and understands the system and will present the best case on your behalf.

The cost of hiring a less qualified, budget lawyer is MUCH higher than the price of doing things right the first time. If you attempt to represent yourself or work with a lawyer who does not have an established track record of success with the DLAD, you will probably lose. Worse yet, you will not be able to re-apply for at least a year. Furthermore, when you hire a qualified, experienced lawyer to try to get your license back after you’ve already tried and lost, he will be stuck dealing with the previous record of inadequate or harmful testimony and evidence. Your best chance of success at the first hearing is to work with a lawyer from LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C., who will have decades of experience winning DLAD out-of-state administrative and in-state DLAD hearings in Michigan.

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Driver’s license restoration attorneys with extensive experience helping people get back on the road legally.

The Driver’s License Appeal specialists at LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C. understand the importance of driving legally. Public transportation is in limited supply in most states, and the privilege of driving can positively impact your family, employment, and education. Our attorneys have extensive experience handling and winning driver’s license issues at the administrative review phase (for out-of-state residents) and the DAAD/DLAD hearing phase. Remember, if your Michigan attorney successfully gets your license restored with an administrative review, you will not have to travel to Michigan for a DAAD or court hearing. Our goal is to win the first time and leave no stone unturned in our fight to reinstate your driver’s license.

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