Out-of-State Driver’s License Clearance Appeals in Michigan

Do you live outside Michigan but cannot get a valid license in your home state due to a Michigan hold? We can help you.

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Restoring Your Driving Privileges by Removing a Michigan Hold

If you no longer reside in Michigan but have a driver’s license hold from the state on your record, obtaining a “clearance” is essential. This hold can prevent you from obtaining or renewing a driver’s license in your current state of residence. At LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C., we have vast experience handling these complex clearance cases, ensuring our clients can legally drive in their new home states. Residents from other states must apply to have the “hold” or revocation removed. The administrative application process goes through the Michigan Secretary of State Administrative Hearing Section (AHS) Office of Hearings and Administrative Oversight, previously known as the Driver’s Assessment and Appeal Division (DAAD or DLAD).

Our Expertise in License Appeals

Annually, LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C. manages hundreds of license appeal cases, nearly half of which involve clients who live outside Michigan and require a clearance or removal of a driver’s license hold. Our extensive experience and proven track record of success reflect our deep understanding of the intricacies involved in these cases and our tenacious, effective approach.

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Understanding the Appeal Process

Removing a Michigan driver’s license hold involves presenting your case to the Michigan Secretary of State’s Office of Hearings and Administrative Oversight (OHAO). The difference between driver’s license restoration and clearance is significant:

  • Restoration: Reinstates a Michigan driver’s license and legal driving privileges within the state.
  • Clearance: Removes Michigan’s hold on your driving record, allowing you to obtain a license in another state.

Why Clearance is Crucial

For those who have had their Michigan driver’s license revoked due to multiple OWIs, DUIs, or other serious driving offenses and then moved out of state, the revocation turns into a hold on their driving record that is honored by all states within the United States. This hold remains until officially cleared by Michigan and will block the issuance of a license in all other states.

Navigating Your Clearance with LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C.

Our approach is thorough and tailored. We begin by obtaining a copy of your Michigan driving record, which helps us understand all pertinent details of your driving history and any potential complications. Our team meticulously prepares for each case, ensuring all documentation is accurate and persuasive so that we give you the best possible odds of achieving the restoration of your driving privileges.

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Virtual Advantage of LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C.

In today’s digital age, geography is no barrier. LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C. offers a complete virtual service for handling your license restoration or clearance case:

  • Remote Evaluations: Conduct substance use evaluations remotely with our approved evaluators.
  • Virtual Hearings: The Michigan Secretary of State conducts all hearings virtually, meaning you do not need to travel back to Michigan.
  • Documents Transmitted Via Email: All letters, pleadings, and other materials can be transmitted instantly via email.
  • Virtual Payment of Attorney Fees: We accept payment by credit card, ACH electronic check, or wire transfer.

The Benefit of an Out-of-State Administrative Review

Out-of-state residents seeking restoration of their driving privileges have a distinct advantage over Michigan residents because they can have an administrative review before an in-state driver’s license restoration appeal. An administrative review is unavailable to Michigan residents. If the administrative appeal is unsuccessful, the out-of-state resident can request an in-person appeal. By hiring LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C., you take your first step toward winning your administrative review, so an in-state appeal is unnecessary.

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Administrative Review Steps to Clear a Michigan Driver’s License Hold

Here are the steps to an administrative review hearing to clear a Michigan hold on your driver’s license:

Step 1: Obtain Your Michigan Driving Record

Access your Michigan driving record through the Michigan Secretary of State’s website. Once you have your record, convert it into a PDF and send it to us for review. We’ll review it to determine if you’re eligible for a clearance and ensure there are no suspensions that could complicate your case. If you need assistance, we can help you.

Step 2: Eligibility

If you’re eligible, we’ll proceed with the administrative clearance case to remove Michigan’s hold on your driver’s license.

Step 3: Client Interview

We conduct a detailed client interview via Zoom or phone and send you an intake form to complete. The interview and intake form are crucial for gathering information about your support network, recovery journey, and ongoing commitment to sobriety. Understanding your story helps us build a strong case for your administrative review.

Step 4: Gathering Witness Letters

We guide you in obtaining letters attesting to your sobriety, which are crucial for your application. We’ll provide you with a roadmap for drafting letters of support. Once we receive draft letters, we will review and edit them to ensure they meet the necessary criteria and are compelling to the hearing officer.

Step 5: Preparing for the Substance Use Evaluation

We thoroughly prepare you for the substance use evaluation. This preparation is vital to ensuring accuracy and consistency in the assessment, which is essential for a successful appeal.

Step 6: Substance Use Evaluation

Arrange and complete a substance use evaluation with an accredited evaluator. We work with several of the best substance use evaluators and we will recommend the right one for you.

Step 7: Drug Screening

The substance abuse evaluator will instruct you to obtain a comprehensive ten-panel drug screen in your home state, ensuring all results are current and accurate.

Step 8: Drafting Your Personal Statement

We help you draft a notarized personal statement that addresses potential concerns in your case. This document is a proxy for live testimony, outlining your commitment to sobriety and readiness to manage your driving privileges responsibly. The Secretary of State considers this document extremely important and must be crafted carefully. We will help you compose it and ensure it is as persuasive and compelling as possible.

Step 9: Case Submission

The Driver’s License Restoration Team with LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C. will submit your complete application package to the Office of Hearings and Administrative Oversight (OHAO) for a decision and request clearance of the Michigan hold.

Step 10: Final Step

If successful, you can celebrate your restored liberty and freedom. If further action is needed, we will guide you through arranging a live hearing in Michigan so that you can continue advocating for your driving privileges.

Commitment to Sobriety

Demonstrating sustained sobriety is crucial to obtaining a clearance. We take on clients who have made a genuine, verifiable commitment to living substance-free. A verifiable, sober lifestyle is a requirement for clearing the hold. We will help you document and verify your commitment to abstinence.

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