Obstruction of Justice

Obstruction of Justice May Consist of Any Attempt to Hinder the Discovery, Apprehension, Conviction or Punishment of Anyone Who Has Committed a Crime.

US6thCOA-The Obstruction of justice sentence enhancement was dealt with in the recent case of US v Collins. The Defendant was charged with participating in a conspiracy to manufacture methamphetamine.  He was accused of traveling to Indiana to pick up items needed for manufacture of the drug.  He testified in his own defense.  The jury found him not guilty of making that trip, but convicted him of several other offenses.  Even though Mr. Collins was found not guilty of the offense of travelling to acquire materials to make methamphetamine, the judge enhanced Mr. Collins’ sentence because he believed the Defendant had made the trip and was lying under oath when he testified.

The Defendant appealed and the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals arguing that it was improper for the judge to take a position that he lied under oath regarding the travel to Indiana when the jury acquitted him of that count. The Court of Appeals held that the enhanced sentence was proper stating, “[e]ven though the jury failed to find that the defendant committed the conduct beyond a reasonable doubt, the burden of proof for sentencing enhancements remains a preponderance of the evidence.”

So, even though a jury found the Defendant not guilty by a beyond a reasonable doubt standard, his sentence could still be increased if the court was convinced by a lesser standard that the incident happened and the defendant lied about it under oath.  Even if found not guilty of an offense, a judge can enhance a sentence on the charges where convicted if the Judge believes there was lying under oath, even on the charge were found not guilty.


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