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If you are facing Retail Fraud charges in the 52-4 District Court in Troy, you need a top Troy Retail Fraud Defense Attorney to help you avoid a conviction and jail time. The Retail Fraud Defense team with LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C. has an unparalleled track record for winning!

Retail Fraud and Shoplifting Defense

Retail Fraud Charges in the City of Troy

Retail fraud or shoplifting charges in the City of Troy can be either a felony or misdemeanor charges. Misdemeanor charges can be brought by the Oakland County Prosecutor or the Troy City Attorney. The City Attorney prosecutes retail fraud charges based on violations of the city’s retail fraud and shoplifting ordinances. A Troy Retail Fraud Defense Attorney works on your behalf to give you the best chance of not being convicted of retail fraud and to keep you out of jail.

There are three (3) types of retail fraud charges in Michigan.

First Degree Retail Fraud

The most serious, first degree retail fraud is a felony and this occurs when a person does any of the following:

  • A person in a retail store that alters, transfers, removes and replaces, conceals, or in any other way misrepresents the price of an item with the intent to not pay for the item or to pay less than the actual price, when the resulting difference is over $1,000;
  • Steals or attempts to steal an item from the store priced at $1,000 or more; or
  • If a person, with intent to defraud, obtains or attempts to obtain money or store property as a refund or exchange for property that was not paid for and belongs to that store, if the amount of money or price of property to be obtained is $1,000 or more.

Retail Fraud – Frist Degree carries a maximum possible prison sentence of up to 5 years and a potential fine of either $10,000 or three times the value of the stolen property, whichever is greater.

Second Degree Retail Fraud

A second degree retail fraud is basically the same as the first degree with the exception that the value of the item, property, money, or goods is more than $200.00 and less than $1,000.00. Retail fraud in the second degree is a misdemeanor that carries a maximum possible sentence of up to 1 year in jail and up to 2 years of probation. An offense with a value of goods less than $200.00 can be charged as Retail Fraud – Second Degree if the defendant has a prior conviction.

First Degree Retail Fraud

A first degree retail fraud charge is a misdemeanor carrying up to 93 days in jail and up to 2 years of probation. This charge is for offenses with a value of retail goods or property valued at under $200.00.

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Consequences for Retail Fraud Convictions in Troy, Michigan

Jail, prison, and extensive probation are serious potential consequences for a retail fraud conviction. The secondary consequences are often worse and rarely discussed by courts, prosecutors, and even defense lawyers. A retail fraud conviction can result in loss of employment or the inability to get a job or a promotion. Employers tend to look at retail fraud charges, even misdemeanors, as a bar to employment in any good or well-paying job. Retail frauds can be used against you in court, relative to child custody matters, and can even lower your credit scores. A felony retail fraud may result in your inability to own a firearm or vote. A conviction for retail fraud should be avoided at all costs and the great criminal defense lawyers with LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C., who frequently practice in the 52-4 District Court, gives you your best chances!

Deportation or Inability to Re-Enter the United States

All three types of Michigan shoplifting charges are very serious and can trigger immigration consequences.  It takes an exceptional lawyer to successfully fight against damaging criminal punishment. Retail fraud is not a trivial charge as many assume, and could have devastating effects on your future. If you are not a citizen of the United States, a retail fraud conviction could trigger deportation because this offense is considered a “crime of moral turpitude.” Do not hesitate to hire a Troy Retail Fraud Defense Attorney and start building a defense.

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The Defense Team with LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C. has decades of experience successfully defending clients with felony and misdemeanor retail fraud charges in the 52-4 District Court in Troy, Michigan. Every case is defensible in one way or the other if a lawyer is willing to fight to protect the client. We will treat you with respect and dignity and we will not let you down!

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