Under Michigan law fathers are continually discounted and disregarded

A Father’s Right To His Children

The Michigan Supreme Court recently refused to hear an appeal from a New York man who wants legal right to HIS DAUGHTER.  Apparently under Michigan Law, if a child is born to a married women, the child belongs to the married couple and the father has NO rights.  WHAT?!  Yes, that apparently is the law.

Anthony Pecoraro of the Buffalo, N.Y., area has been denied legal rights to his child because the mother was married to another man when the girl was born in 2002. Pecoraro’s appeal to the Michigan Supreme Court led to a 3-3 tie among the justices last week that results in an affirmation of the lower court ruling.  In other words, the lower court’s decision that the biological father has no right to his daughter stands. Justice Brian Zahra, the 7th justice, didn’t participate because he was the judge when on the case when he was on the Michigan Court of Appeals.

The State of Michigan should be ashamed.

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