Veterans Treatment Court is Considered a Problem Solving Court

Veterans of the United States Military should be given every possible consideration by a court when a servicemember faces a criminal charge.

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A good person should not lose his freedom or reputation because of a mistake, and a veteran deserves a lawyer who will fight to protect them.

The problems with the Veteran’s Administration are all over the news. The VA is now notorious for how poorly our brave servicemen and women have been treated when seeking medical care. It is not uncommon for our veterans to suffer from substance abuse and mental health problems. Veterans Courts were created to deal with our veterans’ special problems and active-duty military who have gotten caught up in the criminal justice system. This program is a hybrid of drug court, mental health treatment, and facilitating connections to many different organizations that support military veterans. These courts serve our military by giving them substance abuse and mental health treatment and access to several support agencies that will help the veteran deal with their problem and move on to lead a healthy life.

Problem-solving courts are important. They help the offender and are cost-effective to the taxpayers. These programs need to be supported and expanded. Everyone benefits from them.

Michigan Criminal Defense Attorney

Michigan Criminal Defense Attorneys

The attorneys at LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C. are supportive of problem-solving courts. They are beneficial to the offender and society in general. LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C.’s lawyers have detailed knowledge of these programs, including Veteran’s Treatment Court and eligibility for them. Our attorneys are dedicated to helping clients get every possible opportunity to keep their records clear and stay out of jail. If there is a way to help, we will find it.

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