An Email Can Result in Production of Child Pornography Charges

A conviction for the production and transportation of child pornography can result just from a CSAM image embedded in an email, instant message, online chat, or social media post.

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For a strong defense in child pornography charges, you need a creative and fearless criminal defense attorney to fight for you.

A recent federal court decision dealt with allegations of child pornography transportation and production. United States v Napier, decided in May 2015, related to several counts of production and transportation of child pornography.  The government used time stamps on email showing Eastern Time Zone and Pacific Time Zone to show that child pornography was transported over state lines by email.  On appeal, the court held that due to the very nature of the internet, showing transportation was not a difficult burden for the prosecution.

This case involved a very clever prosecutor that thought of this way to show transportation of the pictures.  You need an equally clever defense attorney to stand up to the government on your behalf. When your freedom is at stake, you need to take whatever actions you can to make sure that your bases are covered and that you can present a strong defense in child pornography charges. Making the right choice in defense attorneys can mean the difference between winning and losing, between prison and freedom.  It is essential that you make the right decision of who should fight to protect your rights and freedom. If your primary concern is the cost of the lawyer, as opposed to his or her track record of success, you risk a conviction that may have been otherwise avoided.  There is a reason for the saying, “you get what you pay for.”  You want the best when you are facing criminal charges, and to get the best, you cannot be afraid of the cost. What is your future, your reputation, and your freedom worth?

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