A Criminal Defendant Needs Every Advantage in Court

A reputable, respected defense attorney can give a criminal defendant the advantage in court they need to turn the tables to their advantage.

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How can a reputable criminal defense attorney help you?

The only thing that precedes a lawyer into the courtroom is their reputation. Judges and prosecutors exercise considerable discretion, and a lawyer’s ability to be persuasive is critical. A reputation for being a solid and ethical advocate is often the single thing that leads to an extraordinary outcome. A reputable, experienced criminal defense attorney can make things happen in a case that a lesser lawyer could not accomplish.

A Great Lawyer Has Renowned Integrity and Character

“Judges look to lawyers for guidance and insight into the law and facts of a case. A lawyer known for their high character and integrity will rule the day.” — Loren Dickstein

Judges have an enormous responsibility in criminal cases. Their rulings and orders profoundly impact the lives of defendants, victims, and their family members. While there are some ill-tempered and unreasonable judges, most are responsible, knowledgeable, and at least attempt to make rulings consistent with the law and based on the facts of a case.

So, what happens when there is a disagreement about the law or the facts? Appropriate decisions on legal issues and factual disputes hinge on a judge’s accurate understanding of the facts and the law. The lawyer who can most persuasively argue a case usually wins. Being persuasive depends upon a lawyer having complete knowledge of the facts and the current state of the law concerning any given case. With so much at stake in a criminal case, a defense lawyer must know the facts and law better than anyone else. Only then will a defense attorney have the edge needed to know what interpretation of the facts and legalities to emphasize to a judge, jury, or prosecutor to achieve the best result for the client.

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How Criminal Charges Get Dismissed

Few lawyers achieve outright dismissals for clients in criminal cases. Why do some lawyers consistently achieve extraordinary results? Great defense lawyers achieve outstanding results through preparation and a mastery of the facts and law of a case. A lawyer’s respectable, reputable, and esteemed reputation is critical to a favorable resolution of any matter.

Prosecutors and defense lawyers spend significant time and energy bargaining and negotiating potential resolutions to cases. Most criminal charges result in plea bargains or dismissals instead of jury trials. In any negotiation, an advocate’s persuasiveness depends on their credibility. For example, lawyers who routinely manipulate clients into entering pleas or are notorious for making exaggerated representations of potential evidence have low credibility. On the other hand, attorneys known for fighting with honor and integrity make the most powerful and effective advocates.

Why is having a reputable attorney for criminal defense best for the client?

Someone facing criminal allegations is best served by an honorable and loyal attorney who puts the client’s interests first. When someone has criminal charges, they are highly vulnerable and genuinely need the help of an honest and reliable attorney. A dishonest, disloyal, and disreputable attorney will view this moment in a client’s life as an opportunity to take advantage of their emotional vulnerability and fear. A set of ethical rules governs the conduct of lawyers in Michigan called the Michigan Rules of Professional Conduct.

These rules prohibit improper conduct, including charging exorbitant legal fees or making false or exaggerated promises and guarantees. If a lawyer makes a promise or guarantee regarding getting charges dismissed or avoiding jail time, these assertions are strictly unethical and, in fact, fraudulent. The truth is that no lawyer can truthfully guarantee any particular outcome. If a lawyer does guarantee any specific outcome, it is a clear sign that they are not indeed in your corner because, to put it plainly, they are willing to lie to you.

Why is having a known, established, and respected criminal defense attorney essential?

A lawyer’s reputation is a crucial factor that can significantly impact their success in court. A lawyer with an excellent reputation is often viewed more favorably by judges, juries, and opposing counsel, which can lead to more positive outcomes for their clients.

A lawyer with a strong reputation is more likely to be trusted and respected by the court, which can work to their advantage during negotiations or trials. Judges are more likely to take their arguments seriously and give them more leeway in presenting their cases at trial, agree to a lenient sentence, or various alternatives to jail. Additionally, a good reputation can help lawyers establish credibility with juries, making persuading them to see the case from their client’s perspective easier.

Opposing counsel may also be more willing to negotiate with a lawyer with a strong reputation, as they may be more likely to have a good working relationship with them. A known, respected, and influential criminal defense attorney can lead to more favorable settlements or plea bargains for the lawyer’s client.

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