Evidence Destruction

Evidence Destruction Can Be a Due Process Violation if Certain Legal Standards Are Met.

https://www.notafraidtowin.com/drivers-license-appeal-and-restoration-attorney/Evidence destruction by the prosecution can be a very serious problem when attempting to defend someone charged with committing a crime.  In the recent case of United States v Collins (decided August, 2015), the government had destroyed meth making equipment citing public safety concerns.  The government did not test the equipment to see if the defendant’s or any other fingerprints were on the items.  The defendant asked for a dismissal.  The Court of Appeals held that there are two different legal standards that may apply when determining a due process violation for destruction of evidence.  “Where the government has failed to preserve “material exculpatory evidence,” the defendant may prevail if it can be proven that the evidence possessed “an exculpatory value that was apparent before the evidence was destroyed” and was “of such a nature that the defendant would unable to obtain comparable evidence by other reasonably available means.”  If, however, the “exculpatory value is indeterminate and only potentially useful,” the defendant must show bad faith on the part of the government in the destruction of evidence. Under either standard the burden to show wrongdoing by the government is up to the defendant.



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