Defendants in the LGBTQ Community Face Unique Challenges in the Court System

Attorney’s who are experienced with defending clients in the LGBTQ community who face domestic violence charges must have an understanding of the unique challenges they face in court.

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Domestic violence is an issue for the LGBTQ community.

Domestic or relationship violence is a pattern of behavior where one person attempts to control another person who is close to them using power and control. This control can include physical, emotional, sexual, spiritual, or economic abuse. Defendants in the LGBTQ community face several challenges, including discrimination in court. It takes an empathetic, experienced domestic violence defense attorney to help.

If you are facing domestic abuse charges, you will need the expert advice and assistance of a highly experienced Domestic Violence Attorney in Michigan. Michigan has stringent domestic violence laws, and you need to get help as soon as possible.

What are examples of power and control tactics?

Relationship violence in the LGBTQ community has unique concerns. There can be a fear that the abuser will “out” them, causing difficulty and possible danger from people who are not supportive. There are also fears that the abused person somehow “had it coming” or even enjoys it. There are issues of self-blame and doubt — had I been “normal,” this never would have happened. Lastly, the abuser may say that a homophobic society will never believe the abused person.

Are you a victim of domestic abuse?

There are various ways a person can be a victim of domestic assault or abuse. Have you been threatened? Has “outing” you been threatened? Have you been kept from seeing family and friends? Have your telephone calls or text messages been monitored? Have you been forced to do a sexual act that you did not want to do? Have you been told you are not a “real” man or woman? If you have experienced any of these things, you have likely been the victim of abuse.

There are resources and agencies that can help. In many cases, a victim of domestic violence in the LGBTQ community may desire to hire a private attorney who can help guide them through the legal process and help ensure their legal rights are protected. The Domestic Violence Attorneys in Michigan with LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C. will help protect LGBTQ clients and advocate for them when no one else can or will.

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If you are facing domestic violence charges what should you do?

There is a need for domestic violence laws. However, domestic violence crimes are subject to abuse, and false allegations run rampant. Often police officers will get called in the heat of an argument, and parties regret having made that decision when tempers have cooled down. Once 911 is dialed, it is too late to take it back. If you have been arrested for domestic violence, the first thing you should do is not be embarrassed or afraid to contact a domestic abuse attorney with experience helping those in the LGBTQ community.

Michigan has a lot of attorneys that practice criminal law but are insensitive to the issues of LGBTQ communities. The law firm of LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, not among those. We are premier domestic abuse attorneys. Michigan is a very conservative state. It is essential that you have attorneys understand the unique issues an LGBTQ person faces and can guide you every step of the way to a fair and just resolution. If necessary, we have access to psychological and medical experts that can assist in preparing the best possible defense available. It is crucial to LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C. that our clients be given the very best representation available. Our Domestic Violence Attorneys in Michigan are open-minded, cutting edge, and well respected. Our firm has a reputation for success and is not afraid to win.

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