Arrests that do not result in convictions should be removed from your record.

You do not have to lose a job because of an inaccurate criminal record.  If you are wondering, “how do I get an arrest off my record?” you are not alone.

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Arrests that Do Not Result in a Conviction Should be Removed

The bottom line is that if you are arrested and not convicted, the arrest should be removed. There are various ways a person can be arrested and not convicted. For example, if a person is arrested and released without charges, the arrest will not be removed.  In some cases, the police never obtain a warrant, and the arrest stays on the criminal history. In these cases, a request must be made for the State Police to remove the arrest. Usually, the Michigan State Police will allow the arrest to be removed after 12 months if the request is made correctly. If you wonder, “how can I get an arrest off my record?” the following information should answer your most concerning questions.

If a person is found “not guilty” or charges are dismissed, the law requires that the State Police destroy any fingerprint data.  They are also required to remove the arrest from the acquitted person’s criminal history. Unfortunately, arrests frequently stay on criminal records because MSP will not remove the record.  The Court Clerk must report the dismissal or acquittal with identical data for automatic removal of an arrest. The slightest mistake, which is common, will result in a failure to remove the arrest from the person’s record. An experienced lawyer can get these errors corrected so that the arrests are removed, and the person’s criminal history is corrected.

How do I get an arrest off my record?

Effect of an Arrest Without a Conviction

In Michigan, it is illegal for an employer to deny someone employment based on an arrest. Unfortunately, employers routinely discriminate against potential employees because of arrest records.  Because potential employers rarely explain hiring decisions, it is difficult to prove that discrimination occurred. This is a huge problem because criminal histories are easy to get from public records with a simple internet search. As a result, arrests that did not end up in any conviction are routinely used to discriminate against job applicants.  These records also cause problems for students, professionals, parents in divorce proceedings, immigrants, and much more.

Why do arrests appear on a criminal history?

When someone is arrested for a felony or a misdemeanor punishable by 93 days or more, the police take that person’s fingerprints and send them to the Michigan State Police. In those cases where someone is charged with a felony or misdemeanor based on a complaint or ticket, the judge will order that the defendant get fingerprinted after the arraignment.

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How do I get an arrest off my record?

The arrest will only come off your record if the files with the Michigan State Police and the court are correct and match. If someone does not have experience getting records corrected, getting an arrest off your record can be a frustrating and daunting challenge. The best way to get the arrest removed would be with the assistance of a lawyer who has experience getting these records corrected and removed. If you are aware of errors in your criminal history, the defense team with LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C. can help you set the record straight. 

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