The Average Price for a Defense Attorney

Money doesn’t grow on trees, and when you hire a lawyer, you want to make certain you are getting a good value.

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A Lawyer Cannot Be Chosen Based on Price Alone

For most people, the need to hire a criminal defense attorney is unplanned and the cost can be burdensome. Anyone looking to hire an attorney, including a criminal defense lawyer, is going to want to get value for their money. That being said, value does not necessarily mean the lowest price. The experience and track record of a lawyer are important factors to consider. An attorney with a stellar reputation and exceptional skills in court is going to charge fees that are commensurate with his or her ability to get results. You will want to get the best lawyer you can get within your budget.

The average price for a criminal defense attorney would be hard to determine. Average for all lawyers? Average for lawyers who only practice criminal defense? Average for lawyers with experience? What about the average for lawyers with a track record of success in court? Before trying to figure out an “average price for a criminal defense attorney,” you first need to consider the qualifications you feel are important in choosing an attorney who will be trusted to protect and defend you.

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What are the important characteristics to consider when trying to figure out the average price for a criminal defense attorney?

  • Experience – lawyers with years of experience generally obtain better results than lawyers who are less experienced.
  • Specialized Practice – lawyers who specialize in criminal defense tend to be more familiar with the laws and rules that can be used to help you.
  • Track Record – attorneys who have a history of satisfied clients, are most likely to have future satisfied clients.
  • Solo Practitioner vs. Law Firm – law firms have greater influence, resources, credibility, and effectiveness, as opposed to lawyers who practice on their own.
  • Appointed or Retained – lawyers who routinely handle both appointed cases and retained cases, often provide court-appointed quality service to all of their clients.
  • Reputation – what is the lawyer’s reputation with judges and prosecutors? Attorneys who are respected and known to be prepared, knowledgeable, and zealous regularly get the best results.
  • Is the right price the same as the average price for a criminal defense attorney?

Consider, for a moment, this question: “what is the cost of not hiring a good lawyer?” What do you have to lose? A conviction can result in jail or prison, fines and costs, years of probation, loss of employment, loss of custody or visitation rights, deportation, loss of a professional license, and more. If things do not go well with your case, will you be able to cope with the outcome that could impact your life for many years? Will you have regrets about choosing a budget or an average lawyer? These are all important questions to ask yourself before making one of the most important decisions of your life. After thinking through everything, you may decide that an average criminal defense lawyer is sufficient for you. On the other hand, you may realize that you do not want to take your chances with an attorney who is just mediocre.

Because the stakes are so high when you are charged or accused of a crime, it is critical that you do what you can to retain the best lawyer within your budget. The attorneys with LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C. offer a free consultation and will take the time to listen to your story and find a way to help you. Our fees are competitive with criminal defense lawyers who have similar experience and status. We charge a fair fee and will do whatever we can to make it fit within your budget.

Average priced criminal defense lawyers generally produce average results.

No lawyer can ethically guarantee or promise a particular result. On average, better lawyers tend to achieve better results. In some cases, the client is looking for a dismissal of all charges. Other clients may be hoping to avoid jail or want a lenient sentence. Regardless of whether the client is facing prison with a felony charge or the potential of a misdemeanor conviction, the quality of the lawyer can have a dramatic and substantial impact on the outcome. Every crime, even low-level misdemeanors, can result in a conviction and have long term consequences. Every case should be taken seriously, and you should hire the best lawyer you can. The average priced criminal defense lawyer may not have the experience, track record, or reputation to be able to protect and defend you in court successfully.

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What fee is charged for a criminal defense attorney with LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C.?

Some lawyers have menus, like restaurants, and quote all clients cookie-cutter attorney fees. Every case is unique and requires a different commitment of time and resources. It is most fair to quote a fee that takes into account the individual circumstances of each case. Clients with less complicated cases should not be charged the same as a client with a more complex case. Cases that are going to result in a plea bargain should not pay the same fee as a client whose case is likely to go to trial. The attorneys with LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C. will take the time to talk with you, learn about your situation, formulate a strategy, and quote a fee that is fair & reasonable for your situation. 

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