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The experienced Macomb County criminal attorneys with LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C. are nationally recognized for their passionate representation of clients in the Macomb County Circuit Court and the various Macomb County District Courts. Every member of our Macomb County Defense Team is dedicated to the zealous, tenacious and compassionate representation of those charged with a felony or misdemeanor in Macomb County, Michigan. We are adept at handling all aspects of criminal matters from pre-charge, charge, trial, appeal, and post-conviction motions.

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We know that the consequences to clients and their families due to criminal charges can be life-changing in a tragic way. Good people who make a mistake should not have their future defined by an error in judgment, an addiction, or a one-time mistake. For precisely this reason, our Macomb County criminal lawyers stop at nothing to protect our clients from being over prosecuted, falsely prosecuted, or taken advantage of by a prosecutor or a Macomb County judge who does not care enough to consider our client’s personal situation adequately. We put forth our best possible effort in each of our cases, and our highest priority is to achieve a dismissal of all charges if possible. When a dismissal is not possible, we will work tirelessly to reduce or eliminate jail time, avoid a criminal conviction, and reduce or eliminate excessive and unfair terms and conditions of probation.

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We have achieved extraordinary results for our clients in Macomb County because we represent our clients using a highly unique team approach that is unparalleled and consistently successful. While many lawyers practice on their own and firms are often made up of one experienced attorney who supervises various less experienced lawyers, LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C. is made of a team of lawyers who work together, and each defense attorney has decades of experience. There is no firm anywhere in Macomb County that can match or equal our level of experience, passion, and effectiveness.

We believe that building relationships and establishing an excellent reputation with Macomb County judges, prosecutors, and court staff has helped us achieve the best possible results for our clients. We have built strong reputations as top defense lawyers through many years of aggressive and successful Macomb criminal defense work. Our reputation and prior success in Macomb County have allowed us to get results for clients that most criminal attorneys would not have achieved.

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If you or someone you love is charged or accused of committing a crime in Macomb County, please call LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C. for a free consultation. We will do everything possible to help protect you, your family, and your future. If you call us for a free consultation, we will take the time to review your case, answer all of your questions, and address each of your concerns. Together, we will develop a winning strategy.

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