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Teachers in Michigan are required to report charges and convictions for certain crimes. A skilled, experienced defense lawyer is a teacher’s best hope for avoiding the collateral consequences of a conviction.

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The Michigan Criminal Defense Attorneys with LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C. represent teachers, educators, and administrative professionals in the educational field regularly relative to felony and misdemeanor charges involving controlled substances, operating under the influence (OWI, DUI, etc.), domestic violence, criminal sexual conduct, child abuse, and much more. Teachers have specific reporting requirements for criminal convictions and charges.

We are frequently asked regarding the reporting requirements for Michigan educators. Under MCL 380.1230(d), a school employee is required to inform their employer when charged with any of the following:

Any felony or any of the following misdemeanors:

  • Criminal sexual conduct in the fourth degree or an attempt to commit criminal sexual conduct in the fourth degree.
  • Child abuse in the third or fourth degree or an attempt to commit child abuse in the third or fourth degree.
  • A misdemeanor involving cruelty, torture, or indecent exposure involving a child.
  • Manufacturing, creating, delivering, or possessing with intent to manufacture, create, or deliver a controlled substance, prescription form, or counterfeit prescription form; dispensing, prescribing, or administering a controlled substance
  • Consumption, delivery, or possession of alcohol by minors or controlled substances at social gatherings
  • Indecent exposure
  • Removal or damage of fixture, attachment, or other property belonging to, connected with, or used in the construction of vacant building or structure
  • Breaking and entering or entering without breaking; buildings, tents, boats, railroad cars; entering public buildings when expressly denied
  • Assault; infliction of serious or aggravated injury; penalties; aggravated domestic assault with prior convictions
  • Assault and battery; penalties; domestic assault with prior convictions
  • Prohibition of sales to minors of drugs, tobacco, or alcohol.

There is a catchall provision requiring teachers to report a charge for violating a substantially similar law of another state, a political subdivision of this state or another state, or the United States.

The misdemeanors subject to mandatory reporting include crimes involving children, for example, providing alcohol to a minor or using the internet to solicit sex with a minor. Additionally, the list includes sex crimes, child abuse, and domestic violence (to name a few).

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If you or a loved one works within the educational industry and has been charged with a criminal offense, the potential outcome of the case could potentially have life-altering consequences. The misdemeanor and felony defense attorneys with LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C. have extensive experience handling complex and simple criminal allegations where the case’s potential outcome is critical. With our team of defense lawyers and former employees of the prosecutor’s office, we have developed an unbeatable strategy for handling these cases and a reputation for achieving extraordinary results. In addition to providing the highest caliber of criminal defense in Michigan, we can ensure you understand the reporting requirements for teachers facing criminal charges.

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