Sobriety Court

A sobriety court program may be the answer for someone convicted of multiple drunk driving offenses, such as OWI, DUI, or OWPD. With Sobriety Court, you will serve less jail time, and your driver’s license won’t be revoked.

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Stay Out of Jail and Get Restricted Driving Privileges

Sobriety Court can help you stay out of jail and gain a restricted license. You are eligible if you have been arrested for a second OWI (Operating While Intoxicated) offense within the last seven years. This special type of court is an intensive program monitored by the Probation Department. Entry is voluntary, and once enrolled, there is strong accountability for your behavior. The program is composed of 72 weeks and four phases. The front end of the program is more demanding and quite costly, but as you demonstrate compliance, there is a gradual decrease of obligation. The types of responsibilities include attending Alcoholics Anonymous, therapy, random drug, and alcohol testing, and educational classes, to name a few. There may even be surprise, home visits to check on your progress.

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Get Your License Back

You can get a restricted license as long as you have been enrolled for 45 days in Sobriety Court and have a camera ignition interlock device installed in your vehicle. This benefit only remains as long as you have adhered to all of your ordered conditions. A curfew may dictate when you must return home and when you can leave. Violations are taken very seriously and may result in the loss of your restricted license and reinstatement of the customary 1-year suspension.

Alternative to Jail

As an attendee of a Sobriety Court, you will receive rehabilitation and maintain your freedom instead of sitting in jail as a punishment for your offense. The jail sentence is held in abeyance until the successful completion of the program. If you do not follow the rules or receive repeated warnings and sanctions, the judge will order that you serve time in jail.

Oakland County Gets a Hefty Sum to Keep Sobriety Courts Operating

Driver License Restoration in Michigan

$802,100 will be distributed to Oakland County Sobriety Courts for the fiscal year 2018. The Michigan Supreme Court awarded these funds through grant petitions from respective courts. Sobriety courts were created with the intent of reducing repeat alcohol-related driving offenses. The program has proven effective and according to the 2016 Michigan Supreme Court review, “graduates from the program were nearly two times less likely to re-offend after two years, unemployment among adult drug court graduates dropped by more than half, and 90% of juvenile drug court graduates improved their education level.” With this money, courts are encouraged to keep their specialized docket, which is something that could be very good for you.

 Entry into the Sobriety Court Program

Candidates are not just accepted solely because they face second offense OWI charges. Not all courts have a Sobriety Court, so this option may not be available to you. Another complication could be that enrollment is closed because of too many participants. A judge might not think you would be successful and, as a result, not want you to utilize the Sobriety Court’s limited resources on you. As there are many benefits to this type of program, there are many barriers to entry.

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