Misdemeanor Solicitation of a Prostitute Charges in Detroit, Michigan

The City of Detroit takes prostitution and solicitation of prostitution seriously. Authorities will not hesitate to arrest someone who appears to be soliciting a prostitute. Your best defense against these charges starts here!

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What is Solicitation?

Solicitation charges in Detroit do not require a sex act. As long as the person’s intent is clear, i.e., the defendant must have offered something of value in exchange for sex, that is sufficient to complete the crime of solicitation. Undercover police officers, acting as “decoys,” are commonly inserted into certain areas of Detroit, which are known for prostitution issues. Residents living in areas where prostitution has been an issue frequently report apparent prostitution activities to the police, and they use decoy officers to catch people looking for prostitutes. These trained, conniving officers know what conversation is needed to complete the act of solicitation.

False Allegations of Solicitation in Detroit, Michigan

Undercover officers posing as prostitutes in Detroit are notorious for exaggerating suspects’ conduct to justify solicitation charges (and seize vehicles for forfeiture). The Defense Team with LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C. has represented many clients who have reported similar stories of untruthful and embellished solicitation claims. In fact, it has been reported on multiple occasions that undercover officers flag down unsuspecting men, ask for directions, or engage in other random conversations, and then falsely allege solicitation.

Detroit City Ordinances and Penalty

It is unlawful for any person to accost, solicit, or invite another person in any public place by word, gesture, or other means to commit any act of prostitution. Solicitation charges in Detroit are punishable by a minimum term of forty-five (45) days and a maximum period of ninety (90) days and up to a five hundred dollar fine ($500.00). Detroit prosecutors will seek to forfeit the vehicle and sell it at auction if the alleged solicitation occurred in or from a vehicle, unless the accused agrees to a negotiated settlement.

State Law and Penalty

Solicitation of prostitution under state law occurs when a person accosts, solicits, or invites another person, by word, gesture, or any other means, to commit prostitution or to do any other lewd or immoral act.

  • A person convicted of a first solicitation offense under the Michigan statute faces a possible 93 days in jail, a $500.00 fine, or both. They can also face the forfeiture of their car.
  • A second offense carries a penalty of a possible one (1) year in jail, a $1,000.00 fine, and vehicle forfeiture.
  • A third offense is a felony and carries a 2-year jail term and vehicle forfeiture.
  • Importantly, if the person solicited is under 18, the penalty for solicitation charges in Detroit is a 5-year felony with a $10,000.00 fine.
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Vehicle Forfeitures in Detroit Solicitation Cases

When someone is arrested and charged with solicitation in Detroit, the police seize their vehicle and tow it to a secured lot. The standard practice in Detroit is to offer a quick “buy back” of the vehicle for a non-negotiable set price ($900.00). The person arrested is obviously in immediate need of getting their car back, and they will pay almost any amount to get it back as soon as possible. The vehicle owner is at a considerable disadvantage. They can fight the forfeiture, in which case, even if they win, they will not get the car back for months. Most people cannot afford to be without their vehicle for months and are basically forced to pay the redemption amount, whether guilty of solicitation or not. An individual with a prior solicitation or prostitution conviction must pay a minimum of $1,800 to settle the forfeiture.

Between 2018 and 2019, Wayne County seized more than 2600 vehicles and pulled in more than $1.2 million in buy-back money.

Defenses to Solicitation

Solicitation cases are notoriously difficult to defend. Seasoned, well-trained decoy officers know what they must show in court to win. They are very good at what they do, and conversations with potential prostitution “customers” are sometimes broadcast to nearby backup officers by hidden radios, who will testify to what they heard. Furthermore, most people with solicitation charges in Detroit are understandably embarrassed and want the case to go away as quickly and quietly as possible.

Despite these disadvantages, there are potential defenses that a savvy prostitution and solicitation defense attorney can put forward to resolve such cases to the client’s satisfaction. Arguments such as mistake, misunderstanding, lack of intent, and false testimony by officers are possible defenses. In the final analysis, these cases remain challenging, and the defendant should only use the best, most experienced attorneys to fend off such cases.  

“Is police entrapment for solicitation a problem in Detroit?”

Police entrapment for solicitation is a widespread problem in Detroit. Although there is limited publicly available information on this topic, our attorneys frequently see examples of government abuse of power in this area. Entrapment is a controversial issue in law enforcement and can occur when law enforcement officers induce someone to commit a crime they otherwise wouldn’t have committed.

Regardless of whether entrapment is a problem in Detroit, individuals must understand that engaging in illegal activities, such as solicitation, can result in serious consequences and legal repercussions. If you feel that you have been the victim of police entrapment, it is crucial that you speak with an attorney to understand your rights and options.

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