Kill all the lawyers?

Most people are familiar with Dick the Butcher’s famous line in Shakespeare’s King Henry VI, “Now first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.” What does it mean?

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The First Step to Tyranny is to Kill all the Lawyers

Most people do not know about the famous line in King Henry VI, by Shakespeare, “Now first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers!” Shakespeare gave lawyers one of the greatest compliments of all time in this statement. Just about everyone assumes that this famous line is an expression of Shakespeare’s disdain for lawyers. Nothing could be further from the truth. Let’s look first at who made the statement, Dick the Butcher. In King Henry VI, Dick the Butcher was a dim-witted, barbarous villain. His leader, so to speak, was John Cade. Cade was the leader of a band of rebels who were determined to overthrow the King. Neither Dick nor John was a good man, and both were mentally challenged.

Why would Shakespeare have a dumb, depraved, villainous character say, “Kill all the lawyers”? Shakespeare believed that lawyers were protectors of law and order – the good guys. Dick and John, who were bent on creating disorder and upheaval, wanted to get rid of those who stood in the way of tyranny. Lawyers were first on the list of those who protect against oppression, domination, and abuse by the government.

As the famous remark by the plotter of treachery in Shakespeare’s King Henry VI shows, getting rid of lawyers is the surest way to chaos and tyranny. Lawyers, particularly criminal defense lawyers, are the guardians of independent thinking and civil rights.

Lawyers Are On the Front Line Against Oppressive Enforcement of the Law

The truth of the matter is that the government, like its citizens, can be out of control. Prosecutors are often heard saying, “We do God’s work!” Police often feel that the ends justify the means. The mindset of “the ends justify the means” motivates some police officers to feel that hiding, manufacturing evidence, or making up a confession may be justified if they feel that the right person is in custody. It has been determined that hundreds of innocent people are wrongfully convicted in trials every year in the United States. Hundreds more, maybe thousands, of innocent or overcharged people, plead guilty or no contest to charges in exchange for plea bargains because they are afraid or unable to face the risk of being wrongfully convicted of their original charge. If you “kill all the lawyers,” there will be nothing to hold rogue law enforcement agents in check.

The criminal defense attorney is the last person standing between out-of-control prosecutors and rogue police officers, and wrongfully accused citizens. A true warrior-style defense attorney, who is not afraid to stand up to rogue governmental agents, is the last line of defense against governmental tyranny.

Shakespeare used Dick the Butcher to demonstrate the precious value of lawyers by having him call for the destruction of the single greatest threat to despoliation…attorneys.

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What is the value of working with a respected, effective, top-tier defense attorney?

Working with a respected, influential, top-tier defense attorney, especially those well-known in Michigan, like the team at LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C., brings unparalleled advantages to your case. These attorneys have established a reputation for excellence through consistent, successful outcomes in complex legal battles, earning them not just respect among their peers but also an intimate understanding of the nuances of Michigan’s legal system. Their recognized expertise means they have the strategic insight to precisely navigate your case, leveraging their relationships within the legal community for your benefit. Unlike working with just any criminal defense attorney, aligning yourself with top-tier lawyers ensures that your defense is handled with the highest level of professionalism, dedication, and zeal. This level of representation can significantly impact the resolution of your case, offering you the best chance at a favorable outcome. With a top-tier defense attorney by your side, you’re not just another case number; you’re a priority, assured of receiving the comprehensive, vigorous defense you deserve.

What would happen if you killed all the lawyers? (Not literally, of course, but what if there were no lawyers?)

If society followed the Shakespearean adage and found itself without criminal defense and constitutional law attorneys, the foundational principles of justice and fairness would be severely undermined. Without these legal guardians, individuals would lack the necessary representation to protect their rights, leading to a system where the balance of power shifts overwhelmingly in favor of the state and against the individual. The absence of defense attorneys would mean no one to challenge unlawful arrests, no voice to argue against unjust prosecutions, and no advocate to ensure fair trials. This scenario would likely result in an increase in wrongful convictions, with innocent people being punished without adequate means to defend themselves. Moreover, without constitutional lawyers to challenge laws and government actions that infringe on individual freedoms, the checks and balances critical to a democratic society would be weakened, potentially leading to the erosion of civil liberties and the unchecked expansion of government power. In essence, a world without lawyers would be one where the principles of justice, equity, and the protection of individual rights are diminished, leaving society vulnerable to tyranny and the whims of those in power.

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