Michigan’s Zero Tolerance Program

Zero Tolerance Program is a sentencing alternative in Oakland County, Michigan. It can be a sentencing option for people with substance abuse problems.

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Enforcing and Supporting Sobriety

The Zero Tolerance Program (ZTP) is designed to enforce sobriety from controlled substances and alcohol by random urine tests. Under a ZTP sentence, a person can live in their community as long as the urine tests are all negative and they remain alcohol and drug-free. If there is a failed test, the person is ordered to jail. A person is generally ordered to be in the Zero Tolerance Program for the same time a jail sentence would have been. This is a good program for people who are ready to live soberly. The only downside is that getting outside help is up to the person and not ordered or provided by the program. There is a one-time enrollment fee and fees for each drug and alcohol test. 

Eligibility and Charge Appropriateness

All non-violent felony and misdemeanor charges are acceptable for the Zero Tolerance Program. Some of the suggested offenses for the program are retail fraud, possession offenses, and even probation violations. It is generally preferred that there be a history of non-assaultive crimes to be eligible for the program. However, assaultive offenses can be considered if they are older than 10 years. Some judges believe ZTP is too lenient and are reluctant to order a defendant into the program at sentencing. A defense lawyer’s reputation and persuasive prowess can be vital in persuading a judge to grant a favorable sentence, like the ZTP.

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Being Permitted into the Zero Tolerance Program is Not Guaranteed

Being allowed to serve a sentence in the Zero Tolerance Program has many benefits. The most important one is that you can stay out of jail and remain in your community. However, it is essential that when you consider asking a judge for a sentence to the Zero Tolerance Program, you be ready to maintain sobriety by any means necessary, or you will go to jail eventually. Also, it is essential to note that being allowed to participate in the Zero Tolerance Program is not guaranteed. This is why you need the best criminal defense attorney available. A highly experienced criminal defense attorney will know how to make the best argument to the court to convince that judge that the Zero Tolerance Program is right for you. A top lawyer gives you the best hope of getting into ZTP; however, always avoid a lawyer who makes guarantees because promises are unethical and dishonest.

What are the advantages of the Zero Tolerance Program in Oakland County, Michigan?

The Zero Tolerance Program (ZTP) in Oakland County, Michigan, is a sentencing alternative that emphasizes enforcing sobriety through random urine tests. It allows individuals to live in their community as long as they remain sober, with the condition that failing a test results in jail time. This program benefits those committed to sobriety and helps them avoid jail while staying connected with their community. It’s a preferred option for non-violent felony and misdemeanor charges, offering a chance for rehabilitation without incarceration. However, eligibility for ZTP is not guaranteed, and a strong legal defense is often crucial for admission into the program.

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