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Retail Fraud – Shoplifting

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Despite being considered a “common crime,” an individual convicted of shoplifting can expect severe consequences in court and in the community. The attorneys with LEWIS & DICKSTEIN P.L.L.C understand that good people are susceptible to shoplifting due to severe stress and anxiety.


Throughout the years we have worked with clients who are struggling with impulse control, kleptomania, or who shoplift as a result of struggles with depression. You may be surprised to know that many of our clients are affluent and in many cases can afford the items they shoplift. In most cases, the attempted removal of an item from a store was just careless or an oversight. Whatever issues the client may be struggling with, we give our clients the benefit of the doubt. We realize that prison time is not helpful for our clients trying to improve their lives or just cope better with the stress of life.

Facing Retail Fraud - Shoplifting Charges

What are the consequences for a shoplifting charge?

Shoplifting is considered a serious crime in the state of Michigan, even on first time convictions. The severity of the punishment depends on various factors, including the criminal record of the accused and the monetary value of the merchandise involved. The convicted face probation, imprisonment, loss of job opportunities, and expensive fines. An experienced attorney will help you avoid legal consequences that will be detrimental in your road to recovery. A misdemeanor may carry a punishment of 93 days up to 1 year and a felony conviction could result in prison time for a period of years.

What constitutes shoplifting?

When one thinks of shoplifting, they typically think of a person attempting to steal merchandise from a store by secretly slipping the stolen goods into their purse, bag, or under the clothes. However, there are other forms of shoplifting and some clients may not realize that these crimes are considered just as serious. For example, switching the price tag on an item for a tag with a lower cost is also considered shoplifting. Good people in desperate situations are susceptible to shoplifting and our goal is to get charges dropped or lessened, realizing that jail time virtually never the way for our clients to get help. By humanizing a client to a judge and helping them see the client as more than just “a defendant”, we can often avoid consequences that other lawyers might believe are inevitable.

Michigan Criminal Defense Attorneys

Shoplifting is considered a serious crime in the state of Michigan and enlisting the help of an effective and successful lawyer is essential. LEWIS & DICKSTEIN P.L.L.C. has a proven track record of winning and is ready to stand with you as you face retail fraud charges in Michigan. If you’ve been charged with retail fraud / shoplifting, call us at (248) 263-6800 or complete a Request for Assistance Form and we will promptly contact you.

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Should I Plead Guilty?

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Facing charges for a misdemeanor or felony is one of the most confusing and vulnerable situations, especially when facing charges for the first time. Many accused individuals, including those who are innocent of all charges ask themselves, should I plead guilty? Too often the accused figure that they can just get by with a court appointed or inexperienced lawyer, which is the worst decision one could make when facing such serious charges. Whether you’re facing a traffic charge or more serious violent crimes, enlisting the help of an experienced legal team with a track record of wins is one of the wisest decisions a person could make.

Should I Plead Guilty

Should I plead guilty? In short, no! For one, pleading guilty is unnecessary and secondly, a criminal conviction can haunt you for a lifetime. Pleading guilty without exploring other options will have a lasting effect on your life. You may not be able to qualify for a credit card, gain meaningful employment, and it can black list you from working in certain industries and jobs. While it may seem easier to succumb to outside pressure and plead guilty early on, that decision will have lasting implications that can hinder opportunities for you in the future.

Perhaps you are weighing your options and asking, should I plead guilty? Men and women who plan to plead “guilty,” because they are indeed guilty, can benefit from a reputable, experienced lawyer’s representation. Even when proving your innocence isn’t an option, a great lawyer can fight for a shorter sentence and in some cases, no prison time at all. While we do not recommend pleading guilty without a fight, it should never be done without first consulting with a lawyer who has your best interests at heart.

Michigan Criminal Defense Attorneys

We Have Years of Experience Representing Individuals Facing Many Types of Charges

The lawyers at Lewis & Dickstein, P.L.L.C. have years of experience representing individuals facing a variety of charges – from DUI to violent crimes to white collar offences. When entering a plea, it is important to have a strategy. With years of experience defending a diverse group of clients, Lewis & Dickstein can offer wisdom and experience to the accused individual who may be contemplating, should I plead guilty?
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Why You Need a Good Criminal Attorney

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Why You Need a Good Criminal Attorney

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When The Result Matters, a Top Criminal Defense Lawyer is your Best Hope

Law is complicated and is always changing. It takes years of study to understand all its facets, sub-sections, and precedents and an attorney must always stay abreast of the latest developments and court decisions. Once you have criminal charges filed against you, you need an expert and even most lawyers are not experts on criminal law. Lucky for you, there are attorneys who have already put in those years of study. They understand the law, the courts, what rights you have, and whether those rights have been violated. Simply put, lawyers are better at being in court than you and some lawyers are better than most. Great criminal defense attorneys know what they’re doing and they’re good at it.

A Good Criminal Defense Attorney Can Protect You if You’re Innocent

Why I need a Criminal AttorneyUnfortunately, our criminal justice system isn’t perfect. People have been wrongly convicted in state and federal court and on felony and misdemeanor cases. An attorney can help you in this situation by properly examining the evidence, protecting you from the prosecution, calling expert witnesses, and ensuring that all paperwork and materials are filed correctly. If you think you’re innocent or not guilty of what your accused of, hiring a top criminal attorney can give you the best chance of making sure that the court thinks you’re innocent as well.

They Can Lower Sentences or Mitigate Impact if You’re Guilty

Everybody’s done things they regret. But even small or common crimes like DUI or drug possession can come with serious fines or even jail time. You shouldn’t have to lose any more than necessary. A criminal record (and especially jail time) can affect your career, family life, and financial standing. Your attorney can help you get sentences reduced or altered—and even set aside the conviction so that your record is clean. In the end, LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C. is the criminal defense law firm in Michigan. If you need an effective, successful, and aggressive Oakland County criminal attorney, we are here for you. When your freedom is at stake, you need the very best and we are not afraid to win. Call us at 248-263-6800 or contact us for a free consultation.

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