Husband Can Face Criminal Charges for Reading Wife’s Email

Reading the Private Emails of a Spouse may be a Crime

Felony Misuse of a Computer Can Be Charged if a Person Accesses Spouse’s Private Email Without Permission – You Can Face Criminal Charges Even If You Still Live in the Same Home.

revenge porn iconYou are not allowed to snoop through your spouse’s email.  A couple of years ago, Leon Walker of Rochester Hills, Michigan, was charged with felony misuse of a computer, because he accessed his wife’s email account.  Mr. Walker thought his wife was having an affair and got in to her email account to prove it.  Once in the account, he printed out the email and gave copies to his wife’s first husband who was in a custody battle with her.  This case was initially dismissed.  Over the years it has been appealed several times and the Michigan Court of Appeals had determined that Mr. Walker can be charged criminally for accessing his estranged wife’s computer.

There is major concern about this matter.  Is it right to cause a person to have a criminal charge brought, when the matter should be addressed by the family court? What if a spouse claims a joint email is private and makes a false allegation of intrusion?


Prosecutors and Judges can be Harsh and Overcharge a Person.  You Need Help When You Face Criminal Charges.

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