I Haven’t Been Charged for a Crime, Yet

If you are accused of committed an act that may be a crime, you need to hire a top-rated criminal defense attorney immediately. Waiting for the police or prosecutor to decide if you will be charged may be one of the biggest mistakes you’ve ever made.

You have good reason to believe you may be charged with a crime. Now what?

Many people believe that they may get lucky and a criminal act will either not be discovered or the police will give it a “pass.” Such people are fooling themselves. It is exceedingly rare that the police will not follow up on a case they believe exists. It is just a matter of time before there is a knock on your door, or police car lights in your rear-view mirror, or you get a visit by several police at your place of employment. You will be handcuffed in front of whoever is around, put into the back of a police car, and taken to jail. If you get arrested at work, it is most likely you will not be returning to that job.

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Because of the fact that hiring an attorney costs money, many people believing they are going to be charged decide to wait until they have been charged. They even go so far as to speak to the police who are investigating the case without the advice and protection of an attorney. This is a terrible mistake. If the police consider you a suspect, you will not be able to “talk your way out of it” with the police. All that will happen is the police will gain information they can use against you that they didn’t have before. You may think you can explain things to the police and say the right things, but this, again, is a huge mistake. Remember that anything you say to the police “can and will” be used against you, not “may” be used against you.

If you are innocent and being falsely accused there is even more of a reason to hire a lawyer right away. An aggressive, respected and proactive attorney may be able to stop you from being charged, even when a charge seems inevitable. Avoiding a charge is always better than defending a charge.

The Pre-Charge Stage

If you believe you are a suspect and have a strong belief you may be questioned or arrested, it is absolutely critical that you hire an attorney. The attorney can call, meet with, and send a letter to the police and tell them you have a retained attorney, and all contacts must be through the attorney. The police will not have any access to you; you will be shielded. An experienced, savvy defense attorney will not allow the police to talk to you.

The pre-charge stage is very critical because in some cases an astute attorney can actually convince the police not to charge you. This is because a talented attorney will know how to address each piece of evidence the police claim to have against you, and show the police their case is weak and not worthy of being charged.

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Another reason to have an attorney before you are charged is because the attorney will communicate with the police and ensure them that you do not have to be arrested on the street. You will walk in to court and booking when they request you to do so. And of course, you will have your attorney by your side. Once in court, your attorney will argue for a personal bond or low bond.

If you think you can wait until you are charged and then get a court appointed attorney to help you, think again. You may sit in jail for quite a while (sometimes weeks) until you see your court-appointed attorney, probably at the first court date. Court-appointed attorneys do not come into the picture until after you have been charged. And very frequently, if not usually, you will not see your court-appointed attorney until you get to court. If any attorney tells you to wait and call them back if you get charged, you do not want to hire that attorney; they are leaving you totally unprotected. Top-rated, astute criminal defense attorneys know that you need to be protected even before you are charged.

In many cases, evidence that can be used in defense of an allegation can be lost if not properly preserved. When the police wait days, weeks, or even months to bring charges, evidence favorable to the accused may get destroyed, erased, altered, or otherwise become inadmissible. An experienced, retained lawyer that is hired early on in an investigation will have the best chance of preserving evidence helpful to the defense. As mentioned before, the lawyer can sometimes use this evidence to help their client avoid being charged in the first place.

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