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Reasons Why You Need an Experienced Michigan Criminal Attorney – Even If You Want To Plead Guilty

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You will want a top-rated, seasoned criminal defense attorney to get the best result possible.

You probably wonder why you need an attorney if you are charged with a crime and want to enter a guilty plea. You need an experienced Michigan criminal defense attorney because they would be in the best position to negotiate a plea agreement. A plea agreement would be better for you than just a “plain” guilty plea or a plea bargain reached by a lawyer who does not do what is necessary to get you the best possible result. Plea bargains can prevent jail, avoid a conviction, keep you employed, reduce the costs and fines with probation, keep you from being deported (if not a U.S. citizen), maintain your driver’s license, and more.

A Michigan Criminal Attorney Can Help You

An experienced Michigan criminal attorney can analyze your case and advise whether you need to plead guilty. A skilled, seasoned defense lawyer is in the best position to review the evidence, decide if there are possible defenses, and if it would be in your best interest to fight the charges. If your case is not dismissed, a talented, respected attorney can better your bargaining position by challenging the evidence. If a lawyer is an adept negotiator, they will achieve a better resolution than you could get for yourself or with a less effective lawyer. An attorney who specializes in criminal law understands that there are police officers who act inappropriately. Constitutional issues that may involve illegal traffic stops, searches, and other constitutional issues can be missed by inexperienced attorneys or ignored by a lawyer unwilling to fight. Those issues can be used as bargaining chips when negotiating with a prosecutor. Also, a prosecutor will often be willing to reduce charges to get a conviction, rather than risk losing a case altogether. Most criminal defense attorneys fear fighting a case because they do not want to risk damaging a relationship with a judge or prosecutor. A true fighter will do whatever is necessary to get the best outcome, no matter the path that must be followed.

Plea Bargains and Sentence Agreements for Diversion, Advisement, and Delayed Sentences

Some jurisdictions have diversion or advisement programs that might be available to you. An inexperienced attorney or layperson might not be aware of these programs or be unable to persuade a judge or prosecutor to grant the program. A diversion program, or a plea under advisement, will often allow you to avoid a criminal record or get mental health or substance abuse treatment instead of going to jail or prison. A person with an inadequate lawyer who fails to get into such a program will likely not get a second chance with a better lawyer down the road. Many programs and options are available, and you need the help of an experienced Michigan criminal attorney to learn about them and whether you qualify.

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Often Overlooked By Inexperienced Attorneys or Bargain Lawyers

Inexperienced attorneys or laypeople often overlook the possibility of immigration consequences, like deportation. If you are not an American citizen, convictions of certain crimes can prompt various immigration consequences, such as deportation or inability to obtain citizenship. These are often crimes of “moral turpitude,” aggravated felony charges, and manufacturing and distribution of drug cases. They can also include crimes of violence, including misdemeanor or felony domestic violence. An experienced Michigan criminal attorney gives you the best chance of negotiating a plea bargain that reduces or eliminates the possible immigration consequences.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

If you need a good criminal defense attorney in Michigan, you probably have many questions about how to find the right person to protect and defend you. Here are questions potential clients ask the legal defense team with LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C.

  • What should I look for in a good criminal defense attorney in Michigan? Seek an attorney specializing in and with extensive experience in criminal law, especially in cases similar to yours. Good communication skills, a strong track record, and positive client testimonials are also crucial.
  • How much does it cost to hire a criminal defense attorney in Michigan? Costs vary based on the case complexity, the attorney’s experience, and the billing method (hourly or flat fee). It’s essential to discuss a lawyer’s legal fees upfront to understand the financial commitment. Remember, “You get what you pay for.” Although lawyers come in various price ranges, it is vital that you get the best defense possible. If a bargain lawyer sells you out, you will not get a second bite at the apple.
  • Can I get a free consultation with a criminal defense attorney in Michigan? Many attorneys offer a free initial consultation. This meeting can help assess your case and determine if the attorney is a good fit without financial obligation. LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C. offers free consultations and confidential case evaluations.
  • How do I find the best criminal defense attorney for my specific case in Michigan? Research attorneys who specialize in criminal defense. Look for those with a successful history in similar cases and check their credentials and client reviews.
  • What are the differences between public defenders and private criminal defense attorneys in Michigan? Public defenders or court-appointed attorneys are often assigned to those who can’t afford private attorneys. They might be skilled but have high caseloads and little time to dedicate to your case. Privately retained criminal attorneys typically have more resources and time to dedicate to individual cases.
  • What questions should I ask a criminal defense attorney during the first meeting? Ask about their experience with similar cases, their approach to defense strategy, communication, billing practices, and their assessment of your case.
  • How can I check a criminal defense attorney’s background or track record in Michigan? Review their professional website, check online reviews, and look up their standing with the Michigan State Bar Association for any disciplinary history.
  • Does the attorney’s location matter in Michigan for a criminal defense case? You want to ensure that anyone you hire is familiar with the local courts, judges, and prosecutors, which might influence strategy. In almost all cases, a lawyer’s reputation and track record far outweigh any benefit the client might get from their office address or “friendships” with prosecutors and judges.
  • How important is experience in criminal law for a defense attorney in Michigan? Very important. Experience in criminal law means the attorney is familiar with the nuances of criminal proceedings, defense strategies, and legal precedents. You want to hire a lawyer with decades of experience. In the best-case scenario, you want to work with a team of defense attorneys so you can get the benefit of their collective knowledge, skill, and reputation.
  • What makes a criminal defense attorney in Michigan successful in court? Success often comes from a deep understanding of the law, excellent analytical and strategic thinking, persuasive argumentation skills, and experience handling similar cases.
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