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Many law enforcement officers care little about following constitutional laws and protecting the rights of defendants. These officers gamble on weak defense lawyers.

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Searches and Detention of Occupants on the Premises

As a criminal defense attorney in Michigan, our primary goal is to achieve a dismissal of all charges when possible. One of the first things a great lawyer will examine is whether a search was done legally. An illegal search and detention can result in a Motion to Suppress Evidence and a dismissal of all charges. It takes a top,

In 1981, the United States Supreme Court decided in Michigan v Summers, and ruled that officers executing a search warrant may detain occupants on the premises while the search is conducted. The United States Supreme Court recently decided on a case that has marginally limited the rule in Summers. In Bailey v United States. The defendant left the premises before the search began, and officers waited to detain him until he had driven about a mile away.

The court said that there is no justification for the detention of an occupant beyond the immediate vicinity of the premises covered by the search warrant. This is because there is no real concern for officer safety, facilitating the completion of the search, and preventing flight when the recent occupants are beyond the immediate vicinity of the premises. The Court did decline to define what “immediate vicinity” meant leaving it to the lower courts to make that determination by reviewing factors such as whether the occupant is within the line of sight of the premises and the ease of reentry to the premises from the occupant’s current location. A future case, yet to be decided, will have to determine the extent of illegal search and detention relative to the “immediate vicinity” element.

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