DUI reduced to civil infraction – OWI Firm strike again!

DUI Reduced to Civil Infraction

DUI_Defense_AttorneyWe were hired by a Canadian citizen to handle an OWI -DUI with a BAC (breath alcohol level) of .13/.14 (two tests).  Our client faced serious immigration consequences if he was convicted which would have tragically impacted his job of 17 years as an engineer and his ability to parent his children who are United States citizens living in Michigan.  Although we explained that there were no guarantees that a drunken driving charge could be reduced to a civil infraction, we told our client that we would do everything humanly possible to make it happen.  The client chose our firm over several other top firms in the State of Michigan because he had faith that we would not let him down.  The fight was on!  We ultimately were able to prove that our client had no prior record, the incident was isolated and not likely to be repeated, and we were able to discovery a factual issue that at least had the potential of being exploited in our client’s favor.  In the end, we were able to convince the chief of police and the prosecutor to reduce the charge to a simple careless driving.  The client was thrilled and his work and family were saved!! As highly successful DUI defense attorneys in Michigan, we strive to achieve this level of success in all of our OWI related cases.  Although getting a drunk driving case reduced to a civil infraction is rare, the only way to achieve such an extraordinary result is to be aggressive, intelligent, tenacious and fearless.  This is the level of fight we bring to all of our cases and the level of dedication our clients can expect.

DUI Defense Attorney in Michigan

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