Operating While Intoxicated is Often Referred to as OWI or DUI

Michigan is one of the toughest states on defendants charged with drunk driving or drugged driving. In addition to jail, probation, and fines, there are collateral consequences like the loss of a driver’s license.

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It is Possible to Get OWI Charges Dismissed or Reduced.

OWI charges are taken seriously in the state of Michigan despite whether or not the accused harmed another party while driving intoxicated. Good citizens can find themselves arrested for and charged with OWI after a temporary lapse of judgment on one occasion, leading to serious consequences that can impact the rest of their lives if found guilty of this charge. LEWIS & DICKSTEIN P.L.L.C. has represented countless individuals facing OWI charges, fighting for their innocence and arguing for lesser punishments, all in an attempt to restore a client’s life.

OWI Charges in Michigan

What is OWI?

In Michigan, driving under the influence is referred to as Operating While Intoxicated or OWI. A Michigan driver caught operating a vehicle with the blood alcohol level of .08% or above face serious consequences, whether on their first or third offense. In cases where the accused caused an injury that resulted in the bodily injury of another, the punishment for the convicted individual will be even more severe. Drivers under the age of 21 who are accused of OWI may face more penalties than the adult drunk driver since it is illegal to buy or consume alcohol underage. The unlawful alcohol content for a driver under 21 is .02.

Enlisting the help of an experienced attorney

Facing charges for OWI is intimidating, scary, and confusing regardless of your age or background with the law. Together with our clients, we work individually with each client to prepare for court, hearing their account of what happened and exploring why, if it is true, they drove under the influence to craft a persuasive defense. In some cases, mistakes were made by law enforcement or prosecutors, and bringing these mistakes to light will help win a less severe punishment for our client or may even avoid a conviction. We do our best to argue for alcohol education or community services in return for no jail time or prison, which is an option on the table, even for first-time offenders in many courts.

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