The Best Lawyer – Unethical Claims Lawyers Make During Self Promotion

By May 29, 2014 June 28th, 2018 blog post

What do some criminal defense attorneys claim about themselves? Unfortunately, many lawyers say things that are prohibited by the Michigan Rules of Professional Conduct. Statements like, “I’m the best criminal lawyer in Oakland County!,” are unethical, misleading and manipulative. I’ve seen claims by criminal defense lawyers on the internet that are clearly problematic. Beware of a criminal attorney who makes any of the following claims:

  • Michigan Criminal DefenseThe best criminal defense attorney
  • The most experienced criminal lawyer
  • Never loses cases
  • Greatest criminal defense attorney
  • Best trial lawyer
  • Special relationships with judges
  • Ability to get special favors from prosecutors
  • Best criminal lawyer in Oakland County
  • Greatest domestic violence lawyer
  • Best OWI attorney
  • Most experienced marijuana lawyers
  • The best defense attorney in Michigan

Don’t hire a lawyer who claims he or she is the best or that they never lose a case. These are signs a lawyer is desperate for business, unethical or dishonest. A lawyer should be judged based upon reputation, experience, and results. As soon as you hear, “the best defense attorney in Michigan,” turn around and walk out the door.

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Note: The claims listed in the above bullet point list were discovered by Loren Dickstein using the Google search engine and similar claims were found in websites designed and maintained by Oakland County Criminal Attorneys, Macomb County Criminal Lawyers, Washtenaw County Criminal Defense Attorneys, Livingston County Defense Attorneys, Wayne County Defense Attorneys, and Jackson County Defense Lawyers

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