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The Oakland County Prosecutors Office Has a History of Failing to Care About the People it is Supposed to Serve and Protect

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In a show of force, demonstrators plan to assemble at the Oakland County Circuit Court in an attempt to show the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office that local citizens are in favor of medical marijuana, the state law allowing for the ability of sick citizens to treat with cannabis, and a patient’s ability to have reasonable access to medical marijuana without fear of being prosecuted.

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The demonstration will mark the start of the trial of registered patient Barb Agro, 70, who is charged with illegal drug dealing even though she attempted to sell marijuana to legitimate medical marijuana patients. The demonstration is for all defendants currently charged in Oakland County with the delivery of medical marijuana or possession with intent to deliver medical marijuana.

The Oakland County prosecutor has prosecuted dozens of individuals in multiple cases for possessing or delivering medical marijuana even though it is undisputed that the providers truly believed they were helping terminally ill patients or those suffering from chronic pain and debilitation. The Oakland County Prosecutor has taken a position that even those who give marijuana to seriously sick people to treat their terminal or debilitating conditions still deserve to be convicted of felonies and that many should go to jail or prison.

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The Oakland County Criminal Defense Team with LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C., currently represents two defendants in a multi-defendant case out of Waterford, Michigan. The case is scheduled for motion hearings, and the assistant prosecutor assigned to the case is due to file a brief in the case next week. The defendants in the Waterford case are accused of possessing with intent to deliver marijuana that the defendants intended to sell only to patients with legitimate medical marijuana cards issued by the State of Michigan.

It turned out that the “patients” were undercover narcotics officers posing as terminally ill people or patients suffering from chronic and debilitating medical conditions. The prosecutor will seek to prevent the defendants from being able to tell the jury about the devious and deceitful actions of the investigating officers because the Oakland County Prosecutor and the officer’s superiors sanctioned the activities.

The prosecutor is taking a position that the benevolent and compassionate intent of the defendants is irrelevant to the case. This case shows how the prosecutor’s policy, inconsistent with state law and public opinion, threatens to ruin innocent people’s lives. Reputable and credible Oakland County defense lawyers must stand up to the prosecutor and ensure their client is treated fairly.

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Ethical Responsibility of Prosecutors

Prosecutors are essential to the criminal justice system. Their primary duty is to pursue justice by holding offenders accountable and ensuring that victims receive the justice they deserve. To fulfill this responsibility, prosecutors must always act with integrity and fairness.

Prosecutors must behave ethically to ensure justice is served and has credibility. It is essential that prosecutors use their considerable authority fairly and responsibly. They must uphold the law and always act in the best interests of justice rather than pursuing their or their office’s interests. By doing so, they can ensure that the criminal justice system is fair and just for everyone.

Protecting the rights of the accused is another reason why it is crucial for prosecutors to act ethically and equitably. Prosecutors have the authority to file criminal charges against individuals and to seek severe punishments, such as imprisonment or fines. However, they must also ensure that the rights of the accused are protected, including the rights to a fair trial, legal representation, and due process. By acting ethically and equitably, prosecutors can protect these rights and prevent wrongful convictions and punishments.

Prosecutors must act ethically and equitably to maintain the public’s confidence in the criminal justice system. When prosecutors behave unethically or unjustly, it can erode public confidence in the system and result in a loss of confidence. This can have severe repercussions for both the accused and the victims of crime and the community as a whole. By acting ethically and equitably, prosecutors can contribute to the perception that the criminal justice system is fair and just and that all individuals are treated with dignity and respect.

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