A Statement That is Threatening to Students or School Employees

An accusation that a student threatened violence against a student or a school employee is serious and can impact a young person’s life in a tragic way.

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Student Threatened Violance Must Be Taken Seriously, But Allegations are Often Exaggerated

When representing a young person charged with a crime, a defense attorney’s job is to find a way to preserve the client’s future and, when appropriate, help the client get needed help and support. Student threatened violence is treated as a serious offense by law enforcement. A child’s best hope for keeping an offense off their record and avoiding the harsh penalties that are possible under Michigan law takes an experienced, savvy, and tenacious defense lawyer.

We are all aware of the history of tragic attacks upon students and teachers on school property. In the wake of such attacks, numerous laws have been enacted across the country to attempt to prevent or dissuade such events and threats of such events. Unfortunately, some individuals, not realizing the subject is not one to take lightly, become the targets of criminal prosecutions when they stupidly make a threat either as a bad joke or in the heated aftermath of a school problem. Rest assured, the authorities will not find any threat of violence the least bit amusing, and they will not care if a person had a “bad day” and lost their temper online or on the phone.

What exactly is prohibited, and what are the penalties?

Michigan law states a person may not verbally, electronically, or in any other way intentionally threaten to use a firearm, explosive, or another dangerous weapon to commit an act of violence against students or school employees on school grounds or property. The threat must be reasonably interpreted as harmful or dangerous to human life for a conviction. “Dangerous to human life” means the substantial likelihood of death or serious injury. Student threatened violence or threats of violence can occur in various ways.

Unfortunately, students and other young people are accused of student threatened violance even when there has been no legitimate threat. A statement, text message, social media post, or other communication is taken out of context or dramatized. This is serious because an allegation, even a false allegation, can have a devastating impact on a person’s future and reputation.

There are also situations where a person may call in or email a threat to a school and have no intention of actually following through with the threat. Even if this is true and a person has no true harmful intentions, the threat may still be a crime, punishable by a possible 1 year in jail and/or a $1,000.00 fine.

However, if evidence subsequently discovered by the authorities shows the person threatening did have the specific intent to carry out the threat or had taken an overt act toward carrying it out, the penalty is a possible 10 years in jail and/or a fine of $20,000.00. In these cases, the defense lawyer may be the only person in the way of the client being sent to prison instead of getting much-needed help and psychological support.

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Intent and Overt Acts – What the Government Needs to Convict

For these crimes, the defendant or respondent must have a specific intent to make a threat or interfere with school activities. In other words, student threatened violence cannot be by accident. Evidence of specific intent could be a written note or diary detailing the plan of attack, making a list of targeted people, or noting the day and time of a planned attack. The government must also show that the suspect actually did something to further the crime. This is called an “overt act.” An overt act toward carrying out a threat could be buying weapons or ammunition or being found on or approaching school property in possession of a dangerous weapon. Finally, in some cases, the government may seek to prove that the accused possessed a dangerous weapon. A dangerous weapon is any item designed or customarily carried for use as a weapon, such as a knife, sword, brass knuckles, or blackjack. Air guns (BB and pellet guns) are considered dangerous weapons.

How is “school property” defined?

School property is a public or private school for grades 1-12 and includes buildings, playing fields, and other property used for school purposes and events. In other words, one does not have to threaten violence “in the school.” For instance, it would violate this law to threaten to attack an audience at a high school football game. In other words, these crimes may be investigated when an alleged threat impacts activities or people on any property associated with a school. Various crimes can be violated by off-campus student threatened violence.

How can an attorney help a person charged with this crime?

An astute, experienced, and savvy criminal defense attorney will know the available arguments to defend these cases and perhaps get the charges dismissed. An attorney can develop arguments to refute an allegation that the client intended to threaten a school and that anything said was misinterpreted. In any event, a person should never speak to the police and try to explain anything. Things that you think may help you may, in fact, land you in jail. Secondly, these cases typically involve very heavy media attention and can be a complete nightmare for a suspect or defendant. A seasoned attorney will know how to deal with the media and be a shield between a defendant and the client.

In cases where the client has mental health issues, a defense lawyer with decades of experience is likely to be aware of the best resources available to help their client.

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