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Michigan Criminal Defense Lawyers You Can Trust to Protect and Defend You or Your Loved One

If you are looking for Michigan criminal defense lawyers you can trust to represent your loved one who is charged with a felony or misdemeanor, it is imperative to retain a qualified attorney to defend their rights and help them secure an unblemished future. There are penalties to criminal activity, and only a practiced and skilled attorney can help prevent a criminal charge that could derail a promising future. If you want top criminal defense lawyers to fight to protect and defend your loved one fearlessly, you want someone with a track record of success and positive reviews demonstrating their capabilities. The team with LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C. has what it takes to fight and win no matter what it takes.

Understanding the Court System

A new felony or misdemeanor accusation might be a first encounter with the legal system. The lawyers at LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C. have tremendous criminal defense experience and an unparalleled track record of achieving extraordinary results. The court system is confusing, and a lack of knowledge will result in a lost opportunity for a favorable outcome.

In Michigan, the criminal court system is divided into different levels to handle both felonies and misdemeanors:

  • District Court: District Courts in Michigan primarily handle misdemeanor cases, including less serious offenses like minor assaults, traffic violations, and low-level property crimes. These courts also conduct preliminary examinations for felony cases, where a judge determines whether there is enough evidence to proceed to trial.
  • Circuit Court: Circuit Courts in Michigan handle more serious cases, including all felony offenses. Felonies are more serious crimes, such as homicide, sexual assault, and major property crimes. Circuit Courts conduct trials for felony cases and are responsible for sentencing individuals convicted of felonies.
  • Appellate Courts: If a defendant wishes to appeal a conviction or sentence, they can do so in the Michigan Court of Appeals, the intermediate appellate court. The Michigan Supreme Court is the state’s highest appellate court, where further appeals may be heard.

The criminal court system in Michigan, as in other states, is designed to ensure that individuals accused of crimes receive due process, including the right to legal representation, a fair trial, and protection of their constitutional rights. The severity of the offense determines whether the case is heard in District Court or Circuit Court, with the latter handling the most serious felony cases. Unfortunately, the system doesn’t always work as well as intended. When someone faces criminal charges and needs a strong defense, they should immediately retain a top criminal defense lawyer with positive reviews.

Why Seek a Criminal Defense Lawyer with Positive Reviews

Finding a criminal defense lawyer with hundreds of positive reviews is essential because these reviews serve as a valuable indicator of the attorney’s competence, credibility, and client satisfaction. A substantial number of positive reviews suggest that the lawyer has a proven track record of success in representing clients effectively, which can instill confidence in their ability to handle your case skillfully. Moreover, these reviews often provide insights into the lawyer’s professionalism, communication skills, and the quality of their legal services, helping you make an informed decision. They can also offer reassurance that the attorney has successfully navigated countless criminal cases, potentially similar to yours, demonstrating their expertise in the field. In essence, a wealth of positive reviews can offer peace of mind and assurance that you are entrusting your legal defense to a lawyer with a strong reputation and a history of satisfied clients.

  • I’m a criminal defense attorney myself, so it’s not particularly difficult for me to tell even with limited interaction whether another lawyer is good at what he or she does. Suffice it to say Mr. Dickstein is an excellent lawyer! Very reasonable fee to address a pretty bad speeding infraction, which I had defaulted on due to the fact that I am accustomed to a 30 day deadline as opposed to a 14 day deadline. He got the default set aside and, despite the fact that I was going WELL over the posted speed limit, made sure I got no points. Don’t waste time bargain bin shopping when it comes to legal issues… the fee he charges is fair and he’s a great lawyer. Just pay the man and rest easy.
  • LEWIS & DICKSTEIN is undeniably the leading criminal defense law firm in Michigan. When my back was against the wall, and there was no room for error, I turned to them for help, and they exceeded all expectations. My case involved high stakes, including my family, career, and residency in the United States, and I needed lawyers who could secure a win. L&D’s fees may be slightly higher than some other prominent firms in the area, but it’s absolutely true that you get what you pay for. Their collaborative approach felt like something out of a legal drama, with the lawyers and their staff performing like superstars. Their care and dedication were beyond anything I’d seen outside of the movies. In essence, they saved my life, and I can’t recommend them highly enough.
  • I cannot express my gratitude and admiration for Lewis & Dickstein. I hired them when my brother faced a daunting situation where he was charged with felony drunk driving in Michigan, United States. The primary lawyer handling the case was Loren. He and his staff were not only professionally adept but also genuinely invested in our case. Their exemplary legal skills and deep understanding of the system were evident when they successfully got the charge reduced to a misdemeanor! What was most impressive, however, was how Loren presented the case to ensure no jail time was imposed by the presiding judge. He highlighted the potential repercussions on my brother’s three young children and his ability and need to provide for his family. Thanks to Loren, my brother did not lose his job and can continue to support his family. For anyone needing exemplary legal representation, I recommend Lewis & Dickstein. Their legal skills and compassionate approach make a world of difference.
  • This is by far and away the best criminal defense law firm in Michigan. I laugh when I see adds for other firms claiming to be top law firms. What a joke. I’ve used other “big time” lawyers in Southeastern Michigan and each one is full of BS. The first lawyers I’ve found that say what they mean and do what they say is LEWIS & DICKSTEIN. No nonsense, great courtroom lawyers, that will do whatever it takes to help. Best choice I ever made was to get these guys on my side.
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Court Appointed Lawyers vs. Retained Criminal Defense Lawyers

Court-appointed attorneys may be less costly, but they cannot give the individualized attention needed to thoroughly understand the case and defend your loved one. Court-appointed attorneys deal in volume and speed. The court pays them, and the defendant is then responsible for reimbursing the court for their fees at the conclusion of the case. Your first meeting with the court-appointed attorney will likely be five minutes before your hearing. It’s nearly impossible to fully explain your side of the story within a few minutes, and the court-appointed attorney has several other cases to address on the court docket.

The retained criminal defense lawyers with LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C., who have hundreds of positive reviews, make time for our clients. One of our core values is that our valued clients receive adequate one-on-one face time with our attorneys. We believe this is the best way to gather all the details and facts of your loved one’s case to design a powerful criminal defense strategy. Our firm encourages questions and input from you.

A Criminal Defense Team Approach

If you retain LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C., several defense attorneys will collaborate to craft a solid defense for your loved one. With our law firm, our entire staff will collaborate and strategize for the best possible outcome. Our team philosophy is predicated on the theory of “synergy”: the cooperative and coordinated approach adopted when multiple legal professionals collaborate on a specific case.

Synergy involves amalgamating their skills, knowledge, and resources to formulate a more potent defense strategy for their client. This collaborative effort can manifest in several ways, including a team-based approach where lawyers specialize in different aspects of the defense, pooling specialized skills or experiences, sharing resources like expert witnesses and investigators, and collectively developing strategic approaches to the case. Synergy ensures that a comprehensive defense is provided, addressing all potential legal angles and enhancing the overall quality of representation. Ultimately, it aims to maximize the likelihood of a favorable outcome, whether through acquittal, negotiating a favorable plea deal, or mitigating legal consequences, especially in complex and high-stakes criminal cases where a united front can be more effective than a solitary attorney’s efforts.

A client of LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C. will never get lost in a crowd of clients, your loved one will receive the highest-caliber defense, and our team members are always available. Through a team effort, our defense lawyers, with hundreds of positive reviews, can accomplish more in terms of results and quality of work than any solo lawyer.

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Criminal Defense Lawyers With Positive Reviews You Can Trust in Michigan

A criminal conviction can have severe consequences for your loved one’s future. Criminal convictions can hinder the potential for income, professional licenses, school loans, reputation status, etc. It is best to seek the assistance of counsel immediately. Often, individuals attempt to take matters into their own hands, and a misstep could be a critical error. Before you or your loved one speak to the police or contact the court, contact LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C. for a free consultation. We offer a quality defense from lawyers with hundreds of well-earned positive reviews for a fair price.

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