A Misdemeanor Conviction in Rochester Hills is a Nightmare

Defendants facing criminal charges in the 52-3 District Court in Rochester Hills will face some of Michigan’s toughest judges and prosecutors. Our lawyers never back down and will do whatever it takes to obtain the best possible result.

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“What do I do if I’m charged in the Rochester Hills District Court?”

In addition to jail and employment problems, a criminal conviction can result in loss of your driver’s license, changes in child custody, civil lawsuits, damage to your reputation, and more. We know that you want someone who will represent you like they would their own family member. This is the type of care and dedication you will get from LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C. If you face misdemeanor charges in the 52-3 District Court in Rochester Hills, you need an experienced, fearless, and aggressive lawyer.

Why is the Rochester Hills District Court different than other courts?

The 52-3 District Court is like no other place in Oakland County. Some of the judges in Rochester Hills are so combative and contentious that many lawyers refuse to handle misdemeanors in that court. One judge, for example, routinely violates defendants for trivial and unintentional violations of probation and bond violations. Even prosecutors frequently express frustration the judge treats defendants in that particular courtroom.

What does someone do when facing prosecution in Rochester Hills? How do they protect themselves? By hiring criminal defense attorneys who will never back down and do whatever it takes to ensure their clients get the best possible defense. The Defense Team with LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C. has successfully represented hundreds of clients on misdemeanor and felony charges in Rochester Hills. We are not afraid to do whatever it takes to give our clients every possible advantage in that court.

Felony and Misdemeanor Charges in the 52-3 District Court in Rochester Hills

Jurisdiction of the 52-3 District Court

The District Court in Rochester Hills has jurisdiction over misdemeanors allegedly committed in any of the following municipalities:

  • Addison Township
  • Auburn Hills
  • Lake Angelus
  • Oakland Township
  • Orion Township
  • Oxford Township
  • Rochester
  • Rochester Hills
  • Village of Lake Orion
  • Village of Leonard
  • Village of Oxford

Misdemeanors are crimes punishable by up to one (1) year in the Oakland County Jail. Most misdemeanors carry 93-day maximum sentences. In addition to jail, possible penalties of a conviction include two (2) years probation, loss of civil rights (such as voting and firearm rights), immigration issues, loss of or inability to advance in employment, loss of a professional license, driver’s license sanctions, and more.

Types of Misdemeanors in Rochester Hills

The 52-3 District Court has jurisdiction over all city, village, and township ordinance violations and state-law misdemeanors. The most common misdemeanors charged in that court include:

  • retail fraud (shoplifting),
  • domestic violence,
  • assault and battery,
  • operating while intoxicated (OWI, DUI, OWVI, etc.),
  • driving on a suspended license,
  • disorderly conduct,
  • minor weapons offenses,
  • drug possession or use,
  • larceny,
  • malicious destruction of property,
  • resisting or obstructing the police,
  • dog off leash or vicious dog,
  • reckless driving and drag racing,
  • fraud,
  • arson, and
  • stalking.
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You want a reasonable, affordable, experienced defense lawyer.

At LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C., we understand that money doesn’t grow on trees, and anything you spend on legal fees reduces what you can save and use for your family. By the same token, we also understand that having expert criminal defense representation in Rochester Hills is a valuable investment. You deserve a misdemeanor defense lawyer in Rochester Hills that charges a reasonable fee for exceptional service and legal work. It is prudent to look for a good value but not trust your fate to a lawyer just because they are the lowest bidder.

Expungement of Misdemeanor Convictions in Rochester Hills

In many courts, expungements are routinely granted, with judges offering well-wishes and recognition of lives turned around. Regretfully, this is not the case with expungements in Rochester Hills. An experienced expungement lawyer must use every conceivable resource and strategy to succeed with a Motion to Set Aside a Misdemeanor Convictions in the 52-3 District Court. It is one of the only courts in Michigan where judges deny expungement motions with written opinions, without giving defendants even an opportunity to appear and argue their case. Despite all odds, the attorneys with LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C. succeed when others fail because we leave no stone unturned and fully grasp what must be done to overcome the extreme challenges in this

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When we are retained to represent a client in Rochester Hills, we know the stakes are high, and there is no room for error. Our Defense Team utilizes a unique and highly effective team approach. When you hire the defense lawyers at LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C., you get the combined talent, reputation, and influence of every lawyer in the firm. We collaborate on every case, so you benefit from multiple lawyers working together to achieve the best possible result for you.

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