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The Oakland County criminal lawyers with LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C. are equipped with all the necessary legal knowledge and experience to give you the strongest possible defense, no matter what charges you are facing. Whether you are an adult or juvenile defendant that has been accused of retail fraud, OWI, DUI or drunk driving, a sex crime, domestic violence or other assaultive crime, a drug charge, a fraud crime, embezzlement, a weapons charge, or any other criminal charge, we will always treat you with respect and fight to protect your freedom.

One-of-a-Kind, Effective Criminal Defense

Our Oakland County Criminal Defense Law Firm is unique in the sense that we will take the time to patiently listen to you and thoroughly and extensively review your criminal case. Violence charges, theft charges, white-collar charges, or any other criminal violation or criminal accusation are all our areas of expertise. We know these are stressful times, and our criminal defense firm will do all we can to provide you with emotional support as well as the strong, fearless defense that you need. While no criminal attorney can ethically promise any outcome, we promise to provide you with a knowledgeable legal staff that will give you endless effort and determination to get you the results you want. We take pride in our well-known track record of getting the best possible results for our clients – no matter how severe the alleged crime.

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Experienced Oakland County Criminal Defense Law Firm

Our experienced criminal defense lawyers combine their full knowledge of the law with a determination to get you a great result. On top of that, we are committed to dedicating all the time and resources necessary to provide you with the best defense possible. Choosing the right attorney to represent you on your domestic violence charge, alcohol-related crime, violent crime, white-collar crime, alcohol crime or drug crime, federal crime, felony charge, or an extremely serious sex crime allegation, is crucial for your future. We strive to earn your confidence by putting talented and successful attorneys to work hard for you. We do whatever it takes to ensure your freedom.

Pretrial, Trial or Appeal – Aggressive Defense

If you’ve been wrongly convicted, we can appeal the verdict. If you have been wrongfully accused, we can defend you during the pre-file investigations. Don’t settle for a deal with the prosecutor or with a detective because you don’t know your rights! You will regret it. The law is often baffling and confusing to outsiders; however, a highly qualified Oakland County criminal defense attorney from LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C. has the knowledge and experience to handle any criminal situation. We continuously work and negotiate with judges and prosecutors. That experience lets us present your case in the most effective possible way and negotiate your best interests using an aggressive attack plan that other firms and solo-practice criminal defense attorneys in Michigan can’t match.

In addition to defending against ALL Oakland County criminal cases, our experience extends to juvenile defense, pre-charge investigation defense, probation violations, appeals, and expungements as well.

Pre-Charge Investigation and Consultation

If you’ve been contacted by law enforcement or you are being accused of a crime, but no charges have been filed yet, YOU NEED OUR IMMEDIATE HELP! This is the single most crucial time for a criminal attorney to get involved. In many cases, it is easier to prevent a criminal charge from being filed than it is to win in court if you are charged. This is why it is so crucial to have a criminal defense lawyer by your side as soon as you are accused of a serious crime. In particular, sex crimes, white-collar crimes such as theft or embezzlement, hit and run, and juvenile crimes, are great candidates for an out-of-court resolution or avoiding prosecution if you act quickly enough.

Our Oakland County attorneys have experience and a track record of success with handling pre-file investigations, and we have been very successful in negotiating informal resolutions before the case gets into the hands of a prosecutor.

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DUI, OWI, OWPD, DWI – Drunk Driving or Drugged Driving

An OWI conviction in Oakland County could mean severe consequences, including fines, a driver’s license suspension, community service, counseling, and even jail or prison time. Being arrested for OWI in Michigan is a serious legal issue. You need to contact an experienced OWI attorney immediately to build a good defense strategy in your case. The DUI attorneys with LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C. know Michigan OWI laws and are extremely experienced handling the defense of all alcohol and controlled substance-related driving allegations. There is simply no higher goal to our attorneys than an outright dismissal or substantial reduction in Oakland County charges if possible.

Domestic Violence or Spouse Abuse

The Oakland County Domestic Violence Defense lawyers with LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C. are dedicated to the passionate, tenacious and compassionate representation of those charged with domestic violence, and other related charges, in the various courts throughout Michigan. Collectively, we have decades of experience successfully defending against domestic violence allegations in Michigan, and we are adept at handling all aspects of domestic violence cases. We know that the consequences to clients and their families due to domestic violence allegations can be life-changing in a tragic way. We stop at nothing to protect our clients from being over prosecuted, falsely prosecuted, or from being taken advantage of by a Michigan prosecutor or a judge who does not care enough to consider our client’s situation adequately.

Retail Fraud – Shoplifting

Retail Fraud is commonly referred to as shoplifting. It can occur where an accused person either physically removes the merchandise or alters or changes a price tag. In addition, retail fraud or embezzlement can happen where someone worked in concert with an employee to steal merchandise. Retail Fraud is treated as a very serious crime in Oakland County and can have long-term repercussions for a person’s employment and eligibility for student loans. Also, for people who are not U.S. citizens, the INS considers Retail Fraud a crime of moral turpitude that can lead to deportation under certain circumstances. Many businesses have written policies preventing the hiring of employees with a criminal history involving theft or dishonesty. Any person convicted of felony retail fraud is ineligible to receive federally guaranteed student loans under current law. Many people consider retail fraud to be a minor matter or a youthful indiscretion. Although this is often a youthful mistake in the modern era of computerized criminal histories, this cannot be taken lightly, and every effort must be made to fight these cases and keep them off your record. First-time offenders typically face up to 93 days in jail, up to $1,000 in fines, and civil restitution, paying back the retailer for any merchandise stolen or damaged. A second offense is usually considered a high misdemeanor or felony, with severe potential penalties.

Drug Crimes

In the last year statistics were recorded 1.5 million people were arrested for drug-related crimes in the United States. Some crimes, which are harshly prosecuted in Oakland County, MI, include:

• Distributing drugs
• Drug manufacturing
• Drug possession
• Drug trafficking
• Possession of a controlled substance
• Possessing drug paraphernalia
• Possession with intent to sell
• Selling drugs

All Michigan drug charges are severe matters, and depending upon the circumstances, carry with them severe legal consequences. If you are convicted of a drug charge, there are many different penalties that you may be confronted with, such as monetary fines, probation, and jail. A drug-related conviction on your criminal record might cause many problems in your personal and professional life, as it may minimize your chance of obtaining a good job or a place to live.

Violation of Probation – Probation Violation Defense

Sentencing often includes probation, either nonreporting probation or reporting probation. While nonreporting probation is mostly restricted to merely staying out of trouble, reporting probation includes mandatory meetings with a probation officer or the judge. An Oakland County probation violation occurs when someone who is sentenced to probation violates any of the rules imposed upon him or her during the probationary period of the sentence. Probation may include required payment of fines, restitution to any victims, restrictions on movement or association, restrictions on possession of drugs or guns, and other conditions. Failure to follow any of these rules may result in a violation of probation. Consequently, probation can be revoked, and jail or prison time can be a result.

Malicious Destruction of Property or


Malicious Destruction of Property (MDOP) or Vandalism is the willful or malicious destruction or defacement of public or private property. Even if the property damages are minimal, it is still a crime. Vandalism can be considered either a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on the severity of the damage. In felony cases, the consequences can be severe, such as prison time, fines, and probation. It is essential that you have a seasoned MDOP lawyer to present an aggressive defense on your behalf.


You can appeal a verdict or judgment of guilt. Whether you were inadequately represented by a lawyer who failed to fight for your rights or one who neglected to pursue your defense aggressively, we can evaluate your case and ensure that any unfairness in your case is discovered and used to appeal the verdict. Many elements need to be reviewed to determine the best options to appeal a conviction, so please contact us for more information.

Oakland County Expungement or Motions to Set Aside Conviction

An expungement of your Oakland County criminal record allows you to answer the question honestly, “Have you ever been convicted of a crime?” with a “no”! An expungement is a legal process of having your criminal record erased of all eligible felony and misdemeanor convictions. Our criminal defense attorneys can submit a petition on your behalf and motion for the charges to be expunged. After a successful petition, your record will be wiped clean. We can help you achieve an expungement of your record in the Oakland County Circuit Court or any of the various Oakland County district courts in Bloomfield Hills, Southfield, Waterford, Pontiac, Oak Park, Madison Heights, Novi, Clarkston, Rochester Hills, Farmington Hills, Waterford, Royal Oak, and more.

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