The Michigan Attorney General is joining the prosecutorial bandwagon in attempting to make the sick and debilitated felons

By May 29, 2014 April 10th, 2017 blog post

Is Medical Marijuana being abused?

In an example of wild, unrestrained panic mongering, the Michigan AG, Bill Schutte is making a tour of Michigan media claiming the Michigan’s Medical law is being widely abused by criminals and drug dealers. Sure, everyone knows that there are people out there who will exploit every law or opportunity for their own gain. Even an attorney general, legislator and governor have been known to take advantage from time-to-time.

What are Mr. Schutte and many prosecutors doing to stop the few Cannabis Leafexamples of criminals exploiting the system…prosecuting everyone who is involved in helping those sick and debilitating individuals with obtaining and using medical marijuana. I guess the theory is that if they prosecutor 100 people who are endeavoring to help the sick and follow the law, maybe 2 or 3 illicit drug dealers will be shut down. The only way to justify the widespread prosecution and criminalization of hundreds of innocent, well-intended people is to do exactly what Mr. Schutte is doing…fear mongering and engaging in wild exaggeration.

For example, a coalition of police, prosecutors and Republican legislatures compared the “explosion” of medical marijuana use in Michigan to the “wild, wild West.” Really? Do the prosecutors and the AG thing the general public in Michigan is so dim witted that people are going to lock themselves in their houses because they fear medical marijuana vigilantes will be riding in gangs down local streets in Michigan suburbs.

These politicians and prosecutors should be embarrassed for letting their over-zealous personal sensibilities get in the way of their ethical obligations. They should consider getting to work on something that 63% of Michigan’s citizens do not favor.

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