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If you face criminal charges or allegations in Michigan, it is vital that you immediately consult with a qualified, experienced, and successful immigration attorney.

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The criminal defense attorneys at LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C. routinely work with clients facing criminal charges and in needing a referral to an experienced, effective, and knowledgeable immigration attorney. For non-U.S. citizens facing criminal charges in the United States, the reality of the effect those criminal charges can have on your immigration status is paramount due to the potentially life-altering impacts of these charges. One of the most severe immigration consequences is the risk of deportation. Certain criminal convictions could adversely affect your immigration status and lead to separation from family, community, and the life one has built in the U.S. For some, this can be permanent. The threat of deportation is a profound concern not only for those with temporary or undocumented status but also for lawful permanent residents (green card holders). If you call us regarding your immigration law concerns, LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C. can direct you to top immigration attorneys in Michigan.

The Intersection of Criminal and Immigration Law

Criminal convictions can adversely affect nearly all aspects of an individual’s immigration status in the United States. For those seeking to adjust their status or apply for certain visas, a criminal record can lead to or denial of a petition, effectively barring entry or re-entry into the U.S. Certain convictions can disrupt the naturalization process for those aspiring to become U.S. citizens, as demonstrating good moral character is a prerequisite for citizenship. Moreover, some convictions can lead to being barred from certain forms of relief, such as asylum or cancellation of removal, which might otherwise be available to those facing hardship or persecution.

The intersection of criminal and immigration law is complex and often counterintuitive. For instance, a misdemeanor under criminal law might be treated more severely under immigration law, and the nuances of a plea deal or a sentence could have unexpected consequences on the immigration process. Therefore, non-citizens must understand these risks and seek specialized legal counsel. Legal decisions made in the criminal justice system, often with little consideration for immigration status, can irreversibly impact an individual’s ability to remain in or return to the United States.

For individuals concerned about how a criminal charge might impact their immigration status in the U.S., it is essential they retain a qualified immigration lawyer right away to discuss the situation. The top criminal defense lawyers at LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C. have decades of experience defending clients in courts throughout Michigan and work with many of the leading immigration lawyers in the state. We can help direct you to someone who can help.

Common offenses resulting in immigration consequences include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Domestic Violence
  • Drug crimes
  • Crimes involving moral turpitude
  • OWI/DUI – Repeated or Aggravated Offenses
  • Aggravated felonies
  • Firearm offenses
  • Kidnapping
  • Rape
  • Violence
  • Human trafficking
  • Illicit trafficking in firearms
  • Murder
  • Prostitution
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Dangers of Hiring a Single, Multi-Practice Lawyer for Criminal and Immigration Issues

Hiring a general practice lawyer who does both criminal defense and immigration law, as opposed to separate specialized attorneys, can present certain risks due to the sheer complexity of each field. While a dual-practitioner might have a general understanding of both areas, that person may lack the specialized expertise and up-to-date knowledge that dedicated practitioners in each field possess. A lawyer juggling both might miss critical nuances or emerging legal developments. In such high-stakes situations, the depth and focus offered by specialized attorneys in each area often provide the most robust defense and the best protection of a client’s rights and future.

Collaboration is the Key to Success

Your criminal defense attorney can work closely with your immigration attorney to understand the immigration implications of various defense strategies. For instance, a favorable plea deal in a criminal court might spell disaster in immigration court. Your immigration and criminal attorneys can collaborate to craft a strategy that minimizes immigration risks and maximizes your criminal defense benefits. The lawyers with LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C. can provide an aggressive, effective, and zealous defense against criminal charges. In concert with that, we will find you the best immigration attorney available to collaborate with on your defense in Michigan.

Your immigration and criminal attorneys can collaborate to craft a strategy that minimizes immigration risks and maximizes your criminal defense benefits.

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Experience and a Track Record of Success is Vital

If a non-U.S.  citizen faces criminal charges, it can be vital to include an experienced immigration lawyer with a track record of success on the criminal defense team. The experience and knowledge that an immigration attorney brings to a criminal defense strategy is crucial for several compelling reasons, especially given the complexity and high stakes involved in immigration law:

  • Navigating Complex Laws: Immigration law is notoriously complex and constantly evolving. An experienced attorney is more likely to be up-to-date with the latest laws, regulations, and procedural nuances. This expertise is vital for correctly filing applications, responding to legal issues, and navigating the bureaucratic intricacies of the immigration system.
  • Avoiding Costly Mistakes: The consequences of errors in immigration matters can be severe, including delays, denials, or even deportation. An experienced attorney is less likely to make mistakes that could jeopardize a client’s case. They understand the precise documentation and evidence required, the deadlines, and how to fill out and file forms correctly.
  • Dealing with Complications: Many immigration cases involve complexities such as prior deportation orders, criminal records, or previous denials. An experienced attorney is better equipped to handle these complications effectively. They can develop strategies to address and mitigate past issues, which can be pivotal in the outcome of a case.
  • Effective Advocacy: A successful immigration attorney has a track record of effectively advocating for their clients. They will know how to present a case in the most favorable light, argue effectively in immigration court, and negotiate with government officials and agencies.
  • Customized Solutions: Every immigration case is unique. Experienced attorneys can provide personalized advice and tailored strategies that align with their client’s specific circumstances and goals. They can foresee potential issues and plan accordingly.
  • Emotional Support and Confidence: Immigration processes can be long and emotionally draining. A seasoned and successful attorney can provide a sense of security and emotional support to clients. It assures clients that their case is handled professionally and with the best chance of success.

The experience and success rate of an immigration attorney when faced with a client with criminal charges can significantly impact the outcome and overall immigration process. Given the potentially life-changing consequences of immigration proceedings, choosing the right attorney is paramount. Your immigration and criminal attorneys can collaborate to craft a strategy that minimizes immigration risks and maximizes your criminal defense benefits.

Expungement and Immigration

Although an expunged conviction remains a conviction under immigration law, having a conviction set aside can be a mitigating factor if deportation or removal is contested. For someone seeking naturalization, an expungement shows someone’s willingness to work within the law and commitment to living a law-abiding lifestyle. An expungement will remove a conviction as an automatic bar to Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). The criminal defense attorneys with LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C. can help you clear your Michigan criminal history of convictions through expungement.

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We Can Help You Find the Right Immigration Lawyer If You Face Criminal Charges

As dedicated criminal defense lawyers, LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C. is deeply aware of the intricate challenges faced by non-U.S. citizens navigating the criminal justice system. The overlap between criminal charges and immigration law is a complex and specialized area that demands expert attention. Contact us for trusted referrals to knowledgeable, successful, and effective immigration lawyers. We can refer you to an immigration attorney with the following qualities:

  • Cultural Understanding and Sensitivity
  • Familiarity with Foreign Legal Systems and Circumstances
  • Experience with Similar Cases
  • Advanced Knowledge of U.S. Immigration Law
  • Discretion and Confidentiality
  • Networking and Expert Resources
  • Empathy and Patience

The team at LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C. has established a network of esteemed and competent immigration attorneys representing individuals facing both criminal charges and potential immigration law concerns. These professionals have a proven track record and are known for their skillful handling of immigration matters. Their experience and success in navigating the delicate nuances of immigration law, particularly for clients entangled in the criminal justice system, make them invaluable allies in protecting your rights and future. If you or a loved one are facing criminal charges as a non-U.S. citizen, please don’t hesitate to contact LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C.  for a free consultation. Together, we will strive to safeguard your freedom and your future, providing guidance and support every step of the way.

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