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What should an attorney do to help you? When facing an OWI, DUI, or a similar charge in Oakland County, your lawyer must do everything reasonably possible to help you.

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It Might Be Possible to Avoid a Conviction and Jail Time for OWI

An Oakland County OWI (Operating While Intoxicated) arrest can come out of the blue, at any time, and under any circumstances. Police don’t care if you are rich or poor, or a good person or bad. The officers will likely arrest you if they smell alcohol on your breath. Oakland County is notorious for the harsh prosecution and punishment of drunk driving charges. Your best hope of an extraordinary outcome in your case is with a top-notch Oakland County OWI/DUI attorney by your side.

A great Oakland County OWI/DUI attorney is ready to take up the fight for your rights. No matter the accusations or what you’ve done, the best Michigan OWI attorney will fight for you no matter what and be passionate and zealous about your defense. In other words, an experienced, successful OWI attorney will leave no stone unturned when developing a strategy to protect you and fighting for you in court.

Oakland County is Notorious for Harsh OWI Prosecution and Penalties

Whether or not you are innocent, you need an excellent OWI/DUI attorney on your side. Even a first-offense OWI in Oakland County can carry jail time and result in a driver’s license suspension or restrictions. Without the most experienced help, you have little chance of getting the results you deserve. And a lousy outcome can follow you forever (some OWI convictions stay on a criminal history indefinitely).

A top OWI defense law firm will dedicate substantial resources to training its attorneys with the latest and most compelling trial techniques for OWI cases, including scientific and medical defenses and how to attack a shabby investigation by law enforcement. The best OWI attorney will have expertise in all aspects of OWI cases, including the science of breath, blood and urine testing, the full panoply of constitutional rights and violations, field sobriety testing, probable cause, and more.

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What Should I Expect from an OWI Defense attorney in Oakland County?

The top Oakland County OWI/DUI attorney’s goal is simple…dismissal or reduction in the charges and no jail. They will do everything possible to get a drunk driving case dismissed if possible. If a dismissal is not possible, a reduction in charges may be a second priority (the best case being a non-alcohol-related conviction or a civil infraction). Some matters must go to trial (where the prosecution must prove the defendant guilty beyond a reasonable doubt). Many experienced criminal defense attorneys do not know how to go to trial on an OWI case. OWI trials are often more complex than those that occur in domestic violence or homicide cases. A great OWI lawyer has experience reaching highly favorable plea resolutions for clients and a track record of winning trials. The better the OWI defense attorney’s reputation for legal representation in Oakland County, the better the chances of a prosecutor giving a favorable plea bargain or sentence agreement.

Each Oakland County OWI attorney that makes up the Defense Team with LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C., has extensive experience and a track record of successful OWI defense in Michigan. The Defense Team has handled thousands of alcohol-related cases over many decades and in all district courts in Oakland County and the Oakland County Circuit Court. Our reputation as tenacious, effective, and persistent lawyers is well known to the local city and township attorneys and the Oakland County Prosecutors.

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Experienced and Effective OWI Defense in Michigan

If you’ve been charged with or accused of committing an OWI or some related offense, it is time to call the Oakland County Defense Firm, LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C., for a free consultation and confidential case evaluation. Charges similar to OWI include OWI with a High BAC (Super Drunk), DUI, OUIL, OWPD, Minor with a BAC, Commercial Driver with BAC under .80, OWVI, and more. We have had unparalleled success in defending clients charged with felony and misdemeanor alcohol and drug-related driving offenses, and we are ready to put our reputation and experience behind you.

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